These Two Marvel Villains Were Considered for Captain America Civil War

The character of Baron Helmut Zemo made its debut in the big Marvel cinematic universe as the villain in Captain America Civil War. The tone of the movie was similar to Captain America Winter soldier i.e a sleek political thriller with superhero elements poured over it. He was played by actor Daniel Bruhl who appeared in movies like Rush, The Fifth Estate etc. He has solid affiliations with HYDRA and Masters of Evil in the past. He is the 13th Baron Zemo, son of Baron Heinrich Zemo who was a master Nazi scientist during the World War 2 and an enemy of Captain America. The Zemo dynasty is similar to Strucker family passing the mantle from one generation to another.


He lost everyone in the family during the Wakanda showdown with Ultron and hold Avengers responsible for his personal loss. He planted explosives at the site of UN Special panel where they were discussing Sokovia Accords i.e set of internationally ratified legal documents that provide regulation and framework for the military deployment of enhanced individuals and maintaining international rules of combat in the event of a war. It was meant to control the unlimited powers enjoyed by superhero teams like Avengers, drafted by UN & signed by over 170 countries in the wake of a trail of devastation left by Ultron in the Battle of Sokovia. He framed Winter soldier for the incident which set off a chain of events pitting Team Cap against Team Iron-man. He was apprehended by Black Panther once his plans became public, but the enormous amount of damage was already done. He successfully created fissures in the Team Avengers which led to Steve Rogers parting ways with S.H.I.E.L.D.


A section of Marvel fan community believed he wasn’t the good choice as he didn’t pose a real challenge to Avengers because he lacked superhero powers, while others think he ripped Avengers from inside which is something even Ultron couldn’t do. Well, now we know there were other choices considered for the big villain such as Red Hulk and Iron Spider. It would have added another complicated layer to the narrative packed with super-powered people, but Marvel definitely has plans for both these characters in the future phases. CHEERS!

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