Kit Harington Nominated for “Emmy Awards” for the First Time

Season 6 of “Games of Thrones” ended with a huge fan following. “The Battle of the Bastards” has made a great visual impression on the minds of the viewer.

Kit Harington, who has been nominated for “Emmy Awards” for his role as Jon Snow in the Season 6 of “Games of Thrones.”

In his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “I was more thrilled by it than I thought I would be. There’s something about a group of people turning around and saying, “We liked what you did.” It made me very happy. I wept. And that wasn’t at all what I expected. I expected to be a lot cooler about it.”

Harington admitted that he was the one who came up with the idea of the character Jon Snow, “That piece came about with me and director Miguel Sapochnik having a conversation. Everything had backed up a bit and we were running out of time to shoot what we had intended. Miguel and I talked about what my greatest fears are. And as it happens, one of my greatest fears is a human crush — those horrible stories you hear about stadiums where people literally suffocate to death because they can’t get out of other people panicking. I thought if we could do that in this sequence, that could be really terrifying for the viewer.”

While talking to the Hollywood Reporter, Harington said that 7th Season of Game of Thrones will have something different for the fans, that they are not used to watching. However, he admitted that he had not read the script yet.

“I think it’s going to get very bleak before if there is a happy ending. If there’s any sort of win or heroic moment for Jon and everyone else. I think it’s going to get very dark before it gets better. I think what we might see this season is those White Walkers and that Army of the Dead really come into force. So that’s going to be exciting to see. I don’t know what it means. I think with the whole “winter is finally here” business, it means everyone is going to have a really bad time.”

The creators of Game of Thrones revealed that the next two seasons will be the show’s last, and the final two seasons will be half the length of previous seasons.

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