Jimmy Kimmel Cooking Every Week Because of Leonardo DiCaprio

Emily Blunt should thank Leonardo DiCaprio that her husband John Krasinski has learned how to cook, is now cooking every Sunday for her and their daughters.

Talking to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, he revealed that he finally cooks every week, because he lost a bet about Oscar Award Winner actor DiCaprio’s real age with his wife.

“It’s every week now because I lost a bet,” Krasinski said. “Emily said something about Leonardo DiCaprio being 41 and I said, ‘How dare you.’ I said that cherub of a man, I think that was my quote, that cherub of a talent, it can’t be more than 28. I said he’s not more than 40.”


The couple’s blunt bet that, if she was right, then he would have to cook every week. But if Krasinski was right, then she would allow him to play Call of Duty once a week.

Krasinski admitted that he learned cooking to give her a surprise gift on Mother’s Day, “Cooking started as a Mother’s Day gift to Emily. It’s pretty sad that that’s what impresses her. That just goes to show you how unimpressive I am at home that I was like, ‘I’m going to cook you a meal,’ and she was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ So, that was my Mother’s Day gift to her,” he said.

John selected one of her favorite dishes. “Because she’s from England—they do a lot of roasts over there—I said, ‘I’m going to do a roast.’ It was really sweet because my wife said, ‘What are you going to cook?’ and I said, ‘A roast.’ I saw her [scowl] and I said, ‘Why? What’s wrong?'” John recalled. “She goes, ‘It’s really difficult. You should do something else.'”

And John was surprised, “I made one mean roast!”

It’s dream come true for every girl out there!

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