Squirrel Girl in Avengers Infinity War: Is it Possible?

Recently, in an interview, Anne Kendrick was asked which superhero or the comic-book character she may like to play in a movie, she said “My brother sent me a Squirrel Girl comic because he thinks I should play her. I don’t know what Squirrel Girl does other than be half squirrel, but I could be half squirrel!”

This set off a speculation that she may be playing ”Squirrel Girl” in the Marvel cinematic universe. It gathered steam on social media as it came right after Joe Russo (Co-director of Captain America: Winter soldier and Civil War) suggested that there is a possibility of “The Great Lakes Avengers” in the Spiderman: Homecoming. She has been a notable member of the team. Moreover, one could easily see Anne Kendrick playing the character and doing justice to it.

But now there is another rumor circling around that Squirrel Girl could be part of Avengers Infinity War movies, Spiderman is already been confirmed as he was introduced in the Captain America Civil War movie. James Gunn (Director of Guardians of the Galaxy) tweeted “Moon Knight, Squirrel Girl, The Runaways – there’s a ton I want to see.”

The character of Squirrel Girl made her debut in 1990’s as a happy-go-lucky light hearted person who understands the language of squirrels. She can climb easily using her sharp claws, possess knuckle-spikes that are retractable and has a tail like a squirrel. It’s nothing in comparison to powers to shoot lasers from eyes, teleport at the drop of a hat or destroy life across space and time at will.

So why does she have an intense fan following? Well because she is the female equivalent of Deadpool in the modern comics. She is a symbol of positivity and joy in superhero universe which is otherwise dark and brooding. There are going to be 60 plus characters in Infinity war, who knows Squirrel girl may be one of them.

Anuj Aggarwal

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