Justice League Footage: A Closer Look at the Events

The new Justice League footage was revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con and it seems, this time, the DC Extended Universe may have finally got it right. The sizzling clip is centered on Bruce Wayne’s efforts to recruit the team of superheroes who will eventually call them the JUSTICE LEAGUE. One thing to note in this new Justice League footage is the funny tone of sequences which is completely opposite to what they did in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

So did the DCEU pick a page from MCU’s book? The new Justice League footage can be watched below:

The lighter touch in the clip reveals that DC wants to build their superhero team in a great way just like. Disney and Marvel did with The Avengers. As said earlier, the noted thing in this trailer is the lighter side of things with the DC superheroes, especially Batman.

Was this reel awesome? Probably, not. But, it did manage to amuse us and gave us some aspirations towards the Justice League movie.

Here are some marquee events from the Justice League footage:

justice league footage

The new Flash suit definitely looks an upgrade to what we see on the Flash TV show. And Ezra Miller, pulls off a surprise in his sequences. He is quirky and amusing. Just like we want Barry to be!

justice league footage

Khal Drogo, (I am calling him that). What a casting! What an entry! This is what we call bang on.

justice league footage

The chemistry between Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck is really impressive. The way it rhythms out in this sequence is really a build up to their individual performances in Batman V Superman. Gal Gadot has made an impressive Wonder Woman and she could be a huge surprise for DCEU and fans all over the world.

justice league footage

Cyborg can be a potential game changer. He is potrayed by Ray Fisher in the movie.

justice league footage

And…The best part of the whole footage………..BATMAN… Ben Affleck runs away with everything. This new direction for BATMAN might be a welcome effort by DC Universe and could either be a marvellous movie or a disastrous move. We will have to wait 2017 to find out!

But all in all, Justice League seems to be funny and aspirational on the tone set by this footage. But considering everything, will DC overdo the comic part or will it be just enough to go with outlandish action sequences? As a fan, I just hope that I feel awe-struck after watching all the movies planned by DC from this point forward!

Justice League will release in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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