Dark Knight All Star Batman Concept Art is STUNNING, to say the least!

Next month brings in some Dark Knight’s infamous enemies starting with the unpredictable Two-face, while in conversation with Scott Snyder we get to see how this series intensifies Batman’s world.

For starters what we really want to know is what sets All Star Batman apart from other Batman’s. Scott Snyder wanted to do some of the craziest stuff with different stories in a way that it was never done before. Playing around with the villains and the way they could be used in the stories.

This series especially allows Scott Snyder to examine each villain in a way that elevates them in a way that is amazing while the art is a challenge. You can’t expect this to be fantasy Batman, this is real ground level stuff that fans would get to see. The big difference being, Batman would not be doing any of his regular stuff and would be outside Gotham city, the creators really went all the way to take this outside the mainstream of superhero stuff.

“My Own Worst Enemy” part one! Superstar writer Scott Snyder explodes into an all-new Batman series alongside legendary artist John Romita Jr., reimagining some of the Dark Knight’s greatest villains. First up: Two-Face! Batman must take Two-Face to a destination out of Gotham City, but the duplicitous villain has a two of spades up his sleeve. Every assassin, bounty hunter and ordinary citizen with something to hide are on their tails with one goal: kill Batman! Handcuffed together on the road to hell, this is Batman and Two-Face as you’ve never seen them before!

A brief summary of the plot as described by Snyder – Batman is taking two-Face – and our version of Two-Face is different from anything you’ve seen – he’s taking him somewhere upstate for reasons I don’t want to give away. But when the Bat-Plane goes down, cause Two-Face engineers a crash, they’re on the road being hunted by every bad guy in Gotham, who’s trying to kill them before they get where they’re going. And everyone on the road wants to kill them as well. So it’s sort of monster trucks, and motorcycles, and chainsaws, and really, really bombastic fun, but it’s also a personal story. It’s very much about Two-Face saying, “Everyone has a monstrous side they don’t wanna show the world, and those are our true sides. You’re not the person you show the world. You’re the darker face,” and he decides to prove it to Batman with a very dark twist.

The series was announced in April, as a part of DC’s initiative. The All-Star Batman is a mixture of “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “The Defiant Ones,” featuring the Dark Knight and his greatest rogues.

All-Star Batman” launches Aug. 10 with Snyder and Romita’s Two-Face arc.

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