This Character May Have Known About Jon Snow’s True Parentage

Game of Thrones. Finale. Season 6. Amazing. Woah! And finally some answers to the ever-growing questions about so many characters. One question, that had been doing rounds for a long time was about Jon Snow’s true parentage? A popular theory was that Jon Snow was the offspring of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen and not Ned Stark and another woman. This theory was confirmed in the Season 6 finale. Now R+L=J is HENCE PROVED.

Maester Aemon Jon Snow's True Parentage

Now this one character may have known the entire time about Jon Snow’s True Parentage and even hinted towards it in Season 1.

This character is none other than Maester Aemon Targaryen. He said the following to Jon Snow:

Love is the death of duty. If the day should ever come when your lord father was forced to choose between honor on the one hand and those he loves on the other, what would he do?…What is honor compared to a woman’s love? And what is duty against the feel of a newborn son in your arms? Or a brother’s smile?

This dialogue portends of Lyanna+Rhaegar=Jon reference. Thus, we can anticipate he knew Jon is a Targaryen.

The following evidence was gathered by a Reddit user and the details are too good to be ignored:

Aemon’s chat with Jon was shown in Season 1 of Episode 9, which is still the pivotal episode of the series to date. Ned Stark was executed at the same hour of television when Maester Aemon revealed to Jon that he is Aemon Targaryen. Earlier, it felt like it was just a parallel between Ned Stark and to give a brief about the Targaryens. Now, could it be about Jon’s parents?

jon snow aemon targaryen

How could have Maester Aemon known about this?

The only characters who were aware of Jon’s birthright were Ned Stark and Howland Reed. Nobody else knew. The only way he could have known this fact is that he possessed the gift of greensight that allowed Bran to witness the passing of Jon from sister to brother. Or, he could just sense the presence of his bloodline and after learning that Jon is Ned’s bastard, he made the connection. It could also be a coincidence.

But nothing in Game of Thrones is a coincidence. We will have to wait and watch how this storyline of Jon Snow’s true parentage unfolds in the upcoming season.

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