The Big Bang Theory : 7 Mistakes that you didn’t notice

The characters in The Big Bang Theory are quirky, sarcastic, geeky and hilarious. But, even they have their part of mistakes. You might have noticed few and ignored others. Here is the list of 7 mistakes. Did you notice them?

1) In season 3, when Howard’s mom calls during dinner. His wine glass refills automatically.


2) The timeline reads 91,000 9C and not 91,000 BC

3) Color of the basket (or for that matter the basket ) changes


4) And Sheldon disappears…magic


5) Sheldon talked about “Reinheitsgebot Law” with respect to mead in 1487. However, the law wasn’t introduced until 1516. Oops, sorry Sheldon.

6) D Fushion..? Seriously. It’s fusion

7) Leonard was allergic to a hell lot of things, including wine. Once he refused wine to prevent him from migraine. However, he drinks wine in the show. Where did the allergy go?

Misha Mehta

Misha has a passion for traveling and dancing. She is a movie buff and enjoys eating, shopping, reading (only SELECTIVE reading) and a bit of writing too. Professor by profession, she never forgets to carry one thing to work or wherever she goes…and that’s her smile..
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