Do You Think You Are The Biggest X-Men Fan? Check Out These Amazing Facts About Angel

Angel has been one of those on again off again characters from X-Men. Not until recently Bryan Singer director of X-Men, started focusing on him. Here are a few facts about him that you may have missed, but we’ve tried to capture as much as possible.

Warren Worthington III is the son of a billionaire who was originally ashamed of his mutant powers. Eventually, he started appreciating his powers while becoming a hero by dawning his costume and saving the world.

He was originally created by Stan Lee and John Kirby where he made his first appearance in 1963. He is also one of the oldest mutants and a founding member of the X-Men in the comic books. However, in the movie franchise, he is not shown until X-Men part 3 and most recently in X-men: Apocalypse.

Originally when he was introduced his powers were very simple with wings that gave him the ability to fly. He seems to have more common characteristics with the Birds of Prey. His bones are hollow making him lighter and he can process food faster than normal humans. His also possess more muscle mass than normal humans, his eyes are able to withstand more than normal wind speeds.

Gradually in 1988 Angel was re-introduced as Arc Angel to keep up with the times. Thanks to Apocalypse who gave him the techno sharp wings that could shoot projectiles. He also got a second mutation of healing power where he can heal himself and others. And very occasionally can raise the dead.

In the movie universe, we get two different versions of Angel, originally played by Ben Foster in 2006 X-Men: The Last Stand, where he plays the role of billionaire’s son. In X-Men: Apocalypse, British actor Ben Hardy takes on what appears to be a very different version of him. Going back in 2014, X-Men: Days of Future Past doesn’t really explain how the two characters exist at the same age more than two decades apart.

What we know, in 1990 Angel agrees to undergo a procedure which he thinks would be a cure for his mutation, instead, it turns out to be Apocalypse turning him into Arc Angel. In the original comic books, he loses his wings in a deadly battle leaving him in depression which later makes him susceptible to Apocalypse will.

Arc Angel donned the mantle of the Apocalypse and his teams mates were forced to take him on. Psylocke stabbed him with an item called as Life Seed which is essentially the opposite of what created Arc Angel in the first place. This causes angel soul to be killed but his body remains alive and with a completely new entity living inside of his body. In comics, it was later suggested that the original Angel was still alive in his body. In another version, Beast is seen bringing back younger version of the Angel to present day causing there to be two Angels in the same timeline.

He is also known to have a history of love life when way before the love triangle of Jean, Wolverine and Cyclops existed, there was a triangle of Angel, Jean, and Cyclops. Another long time love of Angel has been Psylocke in the comic books. And then there another love of his which is the female version of Wolverine but let’s not get into that for now.

Considering Apocalypse changed him into Arc Angel the two don’t get along surprisingly.  Injecting someone with death seed and turning them into a monstrous version of themselves is not a great way to make best friends.

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