No Escape from Asylum

This Sunday at Extreme Rules we are going to witness an Asylum Match between Ambrose and Jericho. This is the first time such a match is going to take place. Although, for the matter of fact, TNA featured something called the Steel Asylum Match in the past. However, the structures are not similar. The TNA Steel Asylum Match took place in a red, domed cage structure that had an opening at the top where the wrestlers were supposed to escape. The WWE version is essentially a standard cage match with weapons. Let’s delve into the matter furthermore.


Bloody Match 


Hell yeah! After a long time, we will see blood in a WWE fight. The McMahon juniors are exactly doing what their father asked them to do. And no one could be a better choice than Ambrose to be a part of such a match. Ambrose has done it before and will do it again. Jericho too has seen blood in his long career. It is nothing new for him.


Severe Tortures


When you have Ambrose and Jericho as inmates in the same asylum then torture becomes the regular habit. Both the wrestlers had issues with each other for the past few months. One considers himself as the number one of the industry and the other calls himself the biggest lunatic ever. Both men have exchanged their disgust for one another and physically attacked each other for the past few weeks. Therefore, hell will break between the two inside the cage.


Kickass Weapons


The setup showed few of the weapons which included a barbed wire wrapped bat, a mop, nun-chucks, Fire extinguisher, and a straight jacket. These weapons might sound light, but Dean mentioned that the cage will be filled with more such vicious weapons by Sunday. Undoubtedly, Ambrose is not going to stick to few weapons and will bring something dangerously new in the match. Exciting isn’t it?


Ambrose’s Gimmick Match 


Some of the most colorful wrestlers in the past have been elevated by their own specialty matches, such as Kane with the Inferno Match, Undertaker with the Buried Alive Match to name some. Following the footstep, the Asylum Match could be the perfect playground for Dean ‘Lunatic’ Ambrose. The most exciting aspect of the Match is that The Lunatic is free to receive and give punishment in turn, and he is more than happy to do both. Hence, History will look back on the match and say that Ambrose is the inventor of the ‘Asylum Match.’


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