Flash Season 2 Finale Confirmed Flashpoint Storyline For Next Season

The Flash Season 2 ended on a very satisfying note, brought a sense of closure on the Zoom’s storyline and created another universe-altering event which will set the foundation for the next season. It’s important for us to introspect and reflect upon the arc of a storyline.

Flash Season 2

In the last episode, Zoom killed Henry Allen (father of Barry Allen) in front of him only to make a point that they are similar as they are both orphans and share the desire to be the best speedster. Clearly, the Flash/Barry Allen was burning with rage and vengeful fury, he wanted Zoom/Hunter Zolomon to suffer for doing the terrible things he did.

Flash Season 2

The title of the episode “The Race of his life” is totally apt as Zoom invited Flash for a race, and prove once and for all who is the fastest man alive. It was taken from “Crisis on Infinite Earth” plot, as the real purpose was to power the magnetar and create a trans-dimensional shock which will destroy the entire multi-verse. But before he could race him, Team Flash put him in the meta-human prison and decided to take on Zoom themselves, but he ended up taking Joe West with himself to Earth-2.  Flash finally agreed to race him in exchange of Joe, produce a time remnant, saved Joe, creating a counter-vailing force to reverse the energy generated to power the cosmic device and let time wraiths do their job. Another thing we learnt in the finale was the identity of the man in an iron mask, who is Earth-2 Henry Allen or the real Jay Garrick (Flash of Earth-2).

The show-makers resorted to the plot device which they consistently used in the first half of the season i.e dropping a major cliff-hanger at the end of the episode to keep the audience on the edge. In the latest episode, the last scene had the Flash going back in time and actually saving his mother from Reverse Flash, in the process, he completely messed up the timeline. As a result, he never becomes the Flash, Justice league is fractured and members fighting amongst themselves, thereby destroying the earth. There are already ample hints now which could point to the possibility of a version of Flashpoint comic storyline (created by Geoff Johns) on the TV show. The season 3 will be about fixing the timeline and regaining his powers either through letting his mother die or creating another particle accelerator explosion. CHEERS!!

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