7 Words of Roald Dahl We All Love

We’ve all grown up rolling in the giant peach with James, visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and recoiling with fear at the very mention of ‘Ms. Trunchbull’. Any book by Roald Dahl meant stepping into a new world, with its very own language, which a wise BFG once named ‘Gobblefunk’.  Here’s celebrating the magic Roald Dahl, by a whoopsy-spelunkers list of some of the words he added to our dictionary through his worlds.



Roald Dahl

Fantastic! (Also a word you can use to describe this list) Eg: This everlasting gobstopper is whoopsy-spelunkers!



Also, Fluckgungled, Gunzleswiped, Swogswallowed, Splitzwiggled, which is to say ‘caught’. Not to be confused with Flushbunkled, which is ‘as caught as a bee in a web’. Eg: You must never get crodsquinkled by the Twits.



A tiny person who loves cacao helps make the finest chocolate in the world and can break into a song and a jig at the best and worst of circumstances. Eg: One my last visit to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, I saw an Oompa Loompa.


Human Bean:

You and me, according to the BFG. Eg: I like soya beans and kidney beans, but most of all I like human beans.



Glorious! (Also a word you can use to describe this list) Eg: I plucked and ate some swundge grass, and it was beautiful!



Miniature versions of you and me, according to BFG. Eg: I like skittles and riddles, but of all, I like kiddles.



Disgusting food. Eg: Never eat anything the Witches give you; it will taste like swigpill.


Stuti Pachisia

Stuti Pachisia is fond of poetry, coffee and (un)necessary argumentation. She is an avid writer and an equally avid procrastinator. When she does write, it is mostly about love, loss and war.
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