6 Scenes from ‘TFIOS’ that Change your Perspectives about the Movie

“I cannot stop thinking about this god-damn book”

Hazel offers Gus to read her favorite book – An Imperial Affliction and in exchange she reads his favorite novel. Gus likes the book to an utmost level, they talk about it, the discuss the book and sort-of shape their dreams and future related to the book. Just the day after Gus finally talks to hazel about the book, they are conversing about it once again when Gus straight forward say that “I can’t stop thinking about this god damn book.”

There goes something relatable for every READER.


“I travel in style or I don’t travel at all”

Well, Gus kills it every single time he kicks into the scene. Here’s another of his dialogues that tells us that there are all sorts of people on this planet who might have same interests but different ways to do the same things. While some travelers would love camping sort of stuff, here Gus, saying it without any hesitation that he loves to travel classy.

This one goes for a luxurious TRAVELER.


“Nothing has ever looked like this in all of human history”

Well, let’s just say this is yet another little part that every traveler would relate to. Sure it’s not meant to be that way in the book or the movie but if looked at with an alternative perception, it does turn out to be one of the most beautiful moments in a traveler’s life, but none as beautiful as when he experiences something new for the first time in his life. That’s just what happens here. Gus is traveling in a plane for the very first time. That is an amazing experience, isn’t it now?


TRAVELERS, how about a little nostalgia?


“I want this dragon-carrot-risotto to become a person so I can take it to Vegas & marry it”

Well, what’s more about him? Augustus seems to take the show to his credit. As they order chef’s-choice for dinner at the restaurant in Amsterdam, he loves the dragon-carrot-risotto so much that he delivers a dialogue which was pretty unimaginable.


FOODIES! Kicks in the time for us.


“But it’s not! It’s a drawing of a pipe”

Hazel is definitely known to be the smarter, intelligent and the mature one out of the two. When her mom asks weird questions seeing her daughter wearing a tee-shirt with a pipe on it, she comments that she doesn’t really get that shirt to which Hazel replies and gets another one from mom – “you, when did you get so grown up?”


PHILOSOPHERS! You too are found in here.


“I’ll write you a sequal”

Gus? How better do you get? This guy has everything inside of him. Well, there he is trying to cheer her up, where everybody sees the romance indulged while I’m here wondering if he’s trying to wake the writer inside all of us, up?


Babies, this one has us in there too. Let’s get on with our own WRITING.


Well, there’s so much more to them but maybe, having all of them at once wouldn’t do any justice to them. Let’s look at these ones for starters and leave our minds a little open to new perceptions while we watch this movie all over again.

Shubhrika Dogra

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