5 Reasons Why Ben Affleck is the Ideal Choice to Take Iconic Batman Series forward

Ben Affleck seems very excited and emotional about playing Batman in the standalone movies of the franchise. He has been revered by both critics and fans for his masterful performances in The Town and Argo. He has been talking about the films for a long time, asking fans to contribute and tell him what they would like to see in his version of a superhero.

It’s almost unimaginable to even think of any other actor besides Ben Affleck to bring this character to live on screen. He has shown an inclination towards the character, he is someone who could carry the role of Bruce Wayne with panache.

Here are the five reasons why Ben Affleck could be the perfect choice for Warner Bros for playing the character of “Batman” and bringing the franchise alive onscreen:

He played “Daredevil” and “Superman”:

He is no stranger to “Superhero” genre. He pulled off a good performance as Daredevil although the movie didn’t do well at the box office. So, given his background, he can be the right choice to play Wolverine.

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