Winds of Winter: An Insane Twist in the Pipeline?

George R.R Martin expressed his disappointment when he could’nt finish “Winds of Winter” on time, as a result Game of Thrones show-makers had to depend on the existing material for season 6, provided by “Song of Ice & Fire” books, and add some of their own storylines. Due to inadequacy of new material, we are likely to see a lot more Bran visions and flashback scenes, for instance Tower of Joy sequence shot in Spain.

But recently George R.R Martin dropped a hint for a possible twist in the Winds of Winter, he said that it has to do with a particular character who is dead on the show but alive in the books. It’s almost confirmed that it’s either has to do with Stannis Baratheon or Barristan Selmy, although there are number of characters who are alive in the books such as Shireen Baratheon, Myrcella Lannister etc.

So what could be the possible twist? In the books, Stannis Baratheon is preparing to fight against Bolton forces with his army approaching Winterfell, whereas on TV show his army has abandoned him and he is decimated by Ramsay Bolton. If Jon Snow is resurrected in the books, he could help Stannis win the “Battle for Winterfell” and crush the Boltons. The idea may be to give an honorable treatment to the character of Stannis, as opposed to TV show.

Another big possibility is Barristan Selmy, an important member of Dany’s small council help her fight rebellious noble houses of Slaver’s Bay as well as other external threats. He is dead in the show whereas Tyrion has just arrived in Meereen. Well the time will tell…..

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