SUITS: 5 Things That May’nt Have Happened If Mike Ross Actually Went to Law School


Suits season 5 finally came to an end and it was quite a tear jerker. The last episode may be one of the most visceral and emotionally packed one in the history of the show. In the entire season, the major characters of the show are guarding one dirty secret about Mike Ross i.e Mike did’nt go to Harvard Law and Harvey hired him as his associate anyways. In the previous episode we saw Mike Ross being tried on charges of conspiracy to commit fraud by Anita Gibbs, she offered him a deal of 2 years imprisonment in exchange of not going after Jessica, Harvey, Litt & others, which Mike accepted. But Harvey later found out that the jury verdict was going to be not guilty which totally broke him.

Following things may not have happened if Mike did go to Harvard law:


He may have never joined Pearson Hardman: 

In hindsight, Mike Ross may not have actually gone to a law school, but he did crack SAT’s and helped others do it too. If Trevor did’nt screw up, he would have been an alumni of Harvard Law with multiple job offers, who knows if he would choose to be an associate of Harvey Specter.

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