A handful of nuts is recommended by all doctors as part of a balanced diet. It is said to be filling and healthy as it provides necessary oils to the body. Besides, common sense wisdom blesses almonds with memory-improving capacity, walnuts with better brain functioning and cashew nuts with promotion of cardiovascular health apart from delicious taste and contribution to many desserts. However, an overdose of nutty delight can turn you into a nutcase. Don’t believe me? You’ll change your mind by the time you finish reading.

Being high in calories and fat, eating a large quantity of nuts can trigger weight gain. There’s no use hoping for a happy heart when layers of unwanted flab cover your torso, is there? Determining an accurate proportion of nut consumption per day should become a priority.

Many people suffer from allergic reactions caused by various kinds of nuts. Nasty swellings and hideous rashes can adorn your body due to careless ingestion of nuts. Consult your doctor if any of these symptoms knock your door. This is particularly true of western countries as compared to the Indian subcontinent because deplorable living conditions in the latter help to develop our immunity to unimaginably high levels (the recent swine flu epidemic notwithstanding).

Nuts like walnut can also cause digestive complications like diarrhoea. Since certain nuts are allergens, they contain antibodies that stimulate the white blood cells to produce histamine in the body. These histamines promote the allergic reactions like nausea, stomach pain and diarrhoea. The next time you get the loosies, get an allergen test done before swallowing litres of ORS. As an allergen, walnuts are in the ‘not safe’ category of foods for pregnant and lactating women. This is especially true for black walnuts.

Due to increased prevalence of asthmatic attacks, avoiding nuts if you are sensitive to them seems a better option. Other serious problems include throat, tongue and lung swelling. These symptoms make breathing difficult and may even lead to death. That’s a nutcracker.

For those having sweaty hands and feet, it is high time you stopped blaming stress for all your problems and inspect the allergies you have.

This article certainly sounds like doomsday for nut-lovers. It must be kept in mind that eating adequate quantities of nuts can improve your well-being. After all, lack of peanut butter in our diet can produce anguish and immense sorrow, which no precaution can treat. So, shell a few, pop in some and revel in the magic of crunchy wonder- in small amounts of course.


Tript Kaur

Tript adores reading and cooking, desserts being her speciality. She likes to keep herself updated about political issues and has a predilection for regional literature. She also has a penchant for weird, wacky facts.
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