Legends of Tomorrow: Vandal Savage is Dead for Now

After the two part pilot episode, the third episode titled “Blood Ties” was eagerly awaited by DC fans. And the makers did’nt disappoint, instead it set the pulse racing right from the word go. The beauty of Legends of Tomorrow show is that there are unimaginable possibilities of attempting unique storylines with the existing characters. In the latest episode, the point of contention was on the past encounter between Rip Hunter and Vandal Savage, when Captain Hunter time traveled 4000 years into the Egyptian Kingdom and tried to kill Savage but hesitated to do so.

Following are the most amazing moments from the show:


Rip Hunter Kills Vandal Savage:

Rip Hunter goes to the gathering with Sara where Savage is desecrating Carter’s body, other team members busted the ceremony, and Rip Hunter brutally stabbed Savage without hesitation.

Atom saves Kendra’s life:

There are still fragments of Vandal Savage’s dagger left inside Hawk-girl’s body, Ray Palmer decides to become an Antman and go inside her body with all guns blazing through an injection.

Snart meets his childhood self:

In the previous episode, Prof. Stein meets his childhood self, in this one Snart goes back in time to steal giant emerald worth millions of dollars to change his past. He encounters his childhood self and advised himself not to feel hurt by anyone in the world. It’s one of the most emotional scene of Captain Cold till now. Too bad, he could’nt change anything and his father will still go to Iron Heights prison.

Sara Lance Bloodlust is back:

Sara Lance was on a killing spree in this episode despite the fact that her soul was restored by John Constantine.

Hawk-girl has psychic connection with Hawk-man:

When Vandal Savage was mutilating and desecrating the body of Hawk-man after absorbing his life’s essence, Hawk-girl could sense the trouble as if her mind is connected to his, much like the way Jackson and Stein are connected.

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