Why is Felicity Smoak not Dead?

First of all take a deep breath! Calm down…Being an Arrow fan, I almost cried seeing Oliver and Felicity. Its some bad karma or Oliver is the unluckiest person on the face of the earth. Whatever he loves, turns to ash!

But Olicity lovers (me being one of them), we need to just forget the last 2 minutes. I am pretty sure Felicity wont’t die. Believe it or not, its a gut feel! Plus, there is evidence to support the fact; why is Felicity Smoak not dead?


First of all, if Felicity died, why isn’t everyone at the grave. I mean Team Arrow and Felicity’s mother. Plus, the story line moves to six months later, that is in the summer. Felicity was shot in the holidays. Unless she slips into a coma and then dies six months later, ah!!! No…

Now, this question was prudent all over our older posts on this topic. It was on our Facebook page, our website comments, our Twitter handle…

The question was what is Barry doing there at the funeral?

Simple answer: Only Barry knows that Oliver has a son. So, it could be Samantha or Ollie’s son who died in the Central City or by Damien Darhk. It is quite possible that Oliver is in Central City and not in Star City for that funeral.

Here is another crazy theory, Oliver’s son or Samantha dies because of Zoom and not Damien Darhk.

I am still going to go with my theory that Felicity won’t die. It may be the fan in me who wants to say so, but you simply can’t kill an important character. Folks, this isn’t Game of Thrones. This is Arrow, where Oliver first gets rattled and then comes back strong. Remember, how Ra’s finished off Oliver, but he still survived. So, same goes for my favorite blond. She will survive. No matter what!

Aditya Goel

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