SUITS: 5 Characters Who May Have Spilled the Beans On Mike Ross’s Secret

The prolonged wait of the fans of an electrifying legal drama SUITS has come to an end as the season 5 resumed on USA network. In all the seasons till now, the major characters of the show are guarding one dirty secret about Mike Ross while leading their normal lives.

The devastating secret is that Mike did’nt go to Harvard Law and Harvey hired him as his associate anyways. In the latest episode we saw Mike Ross being taken on charges of conspiracy to commit fraud by US Marshals. Following is the list of people who knows about Mike’s secret and may have spilled the beans:




He is Mike’s oldest and only friend who knows all about him. He is the guy responsible for putting Mike in this predicament. He claims to have reformed his life, but he is unpredictable as hell.




She was Trevor’s girl-friend until she broke up with him and became Mike’s girlfriend. She eventually came to know how he is leading a double life at home and work-place. She may have told someone who was’nt supposed to know about the secret of Mike Ross.




She forced Harvey to be truthful to her if he wants a relationship with her, so Harvey told her about Mike’s secret. Harvey confronted her and asked her if she outed Mike, she didn’t give the proper answer and believes Mike is single-handedly responsible for destroying her relationship with Harvey.

Professor Henry Gerrard:


When Prof. Gerrard came to Harvey with his personal case, he got really impressed by Mike’s argumentative skills and legal knowledge. He checked his records and found out that he never had a student named Mike Ross. He is an eminent legal ethics professor at Harvard, but he would bend law if it comes down to protecting his own ass. He may have shared Mike secret with someone in east coast legal circles.




She was the girl who used to work at a legal clinic, Mike lied to her about going to Colombia Law school, so she dumped him. Later, when she had a case against one of Pearson Spector’s clients, she found out about Mike’s secret but did’nt spill the beans as Rachel begged her not to do it. But one can’t be totally sure about her.



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