The 4 Things You’ll Find Yourself Doing When You Should Be Studying



Hey You.

Yes, YOU.

You should be doing something more productive now, like studying, but being the ace procrastionator you are (aren’t we all?), you are scrolling up and down this site. Say bye bye to that conscience and focus on this listicle: because no matter what, there’s ALWAYS something you’d much rather be doing than studying.

Reading Listicles That You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted To


Did you know you really wanted to know the 7 reasons why the moon is made up of cheese? Or did you know you really wanted to see a whole catalogue of 101 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and North West selfies? And of COURSE it is extremely important that you read this list of reasons why Leonardo di Caprio might be a human puppy (btw, this one legitimately exists) RIGHT NOW. After all, 2 days before your exams, what could be more important?


Becoming a Human Time Keeper


There’s one thing you do know before you walk in to take that Math exam: you can convert days to seconds with the blink of an eye, because that’s all you’ve done the past few days. Whenever you looked at the watch, you thought how if you started ten minutes later, and studied for fourteen hours straight after that, you could easily complete at least 20 chapters.

Never mind that those fourteen hours were supposed to be from 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM. You can easily study from 2:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Or maybe from 2:30 TO 6:30 … or maybe …



Realize You Can Give Socrates a Run For His Money

What is the purpose of this exam? What is the purpose to anything? Who am I? What is the meaning of life? Exams are meant for self-development: and you won’t develop as much during the year as much as you will just before your exams. Your existential crises will make an appearance just before your exams, because Newton’s Law of Motion has a connection to the deepest abysses of your soul- reading about it always makes you wonder the endless why’s of life. And what better time than to think about the long, winding journey that your fifteen years of living have been that just before a Physics exam?

Take Kabir Ke Dohe Seriously … About Making Holiday Plans


What follows any exam season? Holidays, of course! And what do holidays mean? Fun, of course! But this fun has to obviously be carefully planned- you’re a busy person. You need to plan which restaurant you’ll be having brunch at, then which mall you’ll visit. Then where you’ll have lunch, then what movie you’ll watch, and which sitcom you’ll be downloading, and which game just needs to be played after exams.

Obviously you can’t build a schedule later- holidays are just round the corner! Planning your holiday is something you should do absolutely immediately, because let’s face it: your studies have taught you kaal kare so aaj kar.


Stuti Pachisia

Stuti Pachisia is fond of poetry, coffee and (un)necessary argumentation. She is an avid writer and an equally avid procrastinator. When she does write, it is mostly about love, loss and war.
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