The Flash Season 2: It’s Zoom vs Flash, Zoom Kills it

Finally, after much anticipation, Flash comes face to face with his arch-nemesis Zoom. The DC fans were worried if Zoom would turn out to be as good a villain as Reverse Flash/Eobard Thawne from season 1, I guess the latest episode answered that question pretty well. Zoom is a dark, twisted and a menacing nightmare whose sole aim is to be the fastest man alive across the universes, killing any speedster who come in his way. Firstly, he stole the speed of the Flash of Earth-2 or Jay Garrick, then he kidnapped Jesse who is the daughter of Harrison Wells in Earth-2 and finally he came to Earth-1 to kill Barry Allen. He sent meta-humans to kill Barry but when that plan failed, he himself came and crushed Flash like a baby.

Here are 4 amazing scenes from episode 6 titled “Enter the Zoom”:

Zoom decimating Flash and showing it to people of Central city:

Zoom decided to take things into his own hands and Boom…he came, overpowered Flash, lifted his body and showed it to the press and said “he is no god”. This scene reminded me of Bane kicking Batman’s ass and breaking his soul.


Team Flash training Linda Park to lure Zoom:

When Doctor Light escaped the meta-human prison in the basement of Star Labs, Team Flash decided to bring in Linda Park, made her wear Dr. Light costume and trained her to lure Zoom into Earth-1. This scene can be described as one of the funniest scene in the history of the show.


Cisco Vibing Harisson Wells:

The chemistry between Cisco and Harisson Wells is just amazing. Cisco did manage to see through Wells’ past and saw his daughter Jesse alive and kept inside the cage by Zoom.


Barry-Patty romance blossoming:

Barry is developing feelings for Patty and she is responsing back to him. Love is in the air.

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