What To Take Away From Supernatural Season 11 premiere

Out of the darkness, into the fire.

A brother screws up.

The other brother helps him (usually against the wish of said brother in trouble).

They leave a brother in hell.

Bad guys die.

Good guys die.

The angel is hurt.

The King of Hell out-sasses everyone.

They let the world go to hell.

That pretty much sums up every season of Supernatural. What does Season 11 have in store for us? Who is in trouble this season? Sammy, of course. Will Dean call in his personal favour and ask Darkness to cure Sam? I sure hope he does.

Speaking of Darkness. Yes, Emily Swallow is the Darkness and yes she’s a BAMF but Darkness is such an ominous name and she has us scared. She is old; older-than-the-Bible old. In Jared’s own words, “But the Darkness, it’s so daunting and it’s so vast. The word itself implies that it’s going to be cloudy and tough to try to break into.”

Neither the angels not the demons know anything of this Darkness. Maybe Lucifer or Michael can actually help. And they can bring Adam along with them (please?). Crowley’s only worries are orgies and this might be because he doesn’t know much about the Darkness. But Amara—she has the Mark and she was born at the exact time the Darkness took over the road crew—promises danger and intrigue.

Coming to our showstoppers, Castiel and Crowley. Cas really had it in for Crowley the last time we met them, all thanks to Rowena. Castiel seeks out his brothers’ help and gets strung up by them. That’s too harsh a treatment for a man with puppy dog eyes. You would think seven seasons of hurt would be enough.

Castiel being more worried about Dean and Dean fussing over Cas is never not endearing. Even Adam could hear the collective ‘aww’s of the fandom.

The bags under Sam’s eyes. You can see he is tired. You can see that he’s sick of their “kill first, question later” policy. Finally, Sam sees the pattern. Finally. And Jared Padalecki gets more than an A+ for his conviction in ‘saving people’. But they have already fallen into the same pattern: with Dean hiding his conversation with Amara and Sam hiding the fact that he is infected. Please, let’s work with a different plot for once?

If the premiere is anything to go by, the season looks extremely promising, supernaturally speaking. One definite good thing that I can see is that the brothers will work out their kinks and be in a comfortable place with each other this season (frankly, this might be more out of necessity than their boundless love for each other).

The show has never been bigger or darker (pun intended). It is amazing to see that Kripke et al haven’t run out of steam, even after being in the business for more than a decade. I can’t wait to see where the season goes; from Amara to Castiel to Sam’s future.

I have a feeling Season 11 is going to have more than a Walking Dead meets 28 Days Later meets 12 Monkeys plot. Maybe Destiel will become canon. Maybe Crowley will adopt Dean. (Probably not, but one can always hope, right?)

Anwesha Bhattacharya

The world is a mixture of fantasy, fiction, colours, music, and a little bit of reality for Anwesha Bhattacharya. An avid screen junkie, she is currently pursuing Economics from Lady Shri Ram ​College for Women. Struck by wanderlust, she dreams of backpacking through Europe someday. Cynical, ambivert, eccentric, eclectic and esoteric: she is everything and a bit more.
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