5 Things That Bring Out the Hostel Kid In You:

Any Indian parent worth their salt has said this once in their lifetime: “DO XYZ or I’ll send you to boarding school!” When you’re ten, boarding school sounds scary, but as any hosteller will tell you, boarding school years are the best of their lives.

While independence, confidence etc etc are the well-known  by-products  of any boarding school education, there are some things which are the character traits of any boarding school kid.

  1. Inhibitions? What inhibitions?

You’re shopping and can’t find an empty stall to try out clothes in? Who cares? You can slip in and out of clothes in 15 seconds flat, without a care in the world, because you’re  to changing for PT at six am in the morning in front of all your friends. You gave up your inhibitions a long time ago. Face it-  It’s a life skill.



  1. Suit, shoes, and dining etiquette to boot.

You’re a dueling master, only your weapons are a spoon and a fork, and your enemy is food. You can make ravenous look elegant. Table manners have been drilled into you by the looming figure overlooking your shoulder and correcting you every time you decide that the knife and fork aren’t your best friends. In fact, after you graduate, you can’t imagine a life without a fork and a knife.



  1. Move over Grandma’s recipes, boarding school recipes are here.

You may have your etiquette down pat, but as a boarder, you know your association with food goes much, much deeper- and that’s where your resourcefulness emanates from. You know  how to make a birthday cake out of Bournvita, bread, and chocolates, and make it taste like manna from heaven. You know how well ginger pickle and dry Wai Wai go together .There are some secret recipes of instant cooking that only you know, and which even Grandma can’t match up to.



  1. Early bird, night owl, same difference.

You know both insomnia and early mornings and can do both like it’s nobody’s business. What with staying up till twelve to practice for Founder’s, to getting up at 5:30 for PT, you’ve done it all, and mastered the art of , well, not sleeping. (  Bonus: you’ve mastered the art of sleeping through someone else’s alarms too.)



  1. Home, Sweet Home.

An airport isn’t just an airport for you, it is Santa’s magic factory where wishes come true, because no matter how busy and fun the term was, you constantly wished for home- especially as being a boarding school kid means that your parents were extra nice for the short while you were around.

Plus, home was where you could talk about all the midnight adventures you had, the pranks you played on your teachers and bask in the envy of anyone who hasn’t lived your glorious lifestyle. Most importantly, without you even realizing, boarding school became home and you’d do anything to relive all of those moments.





Stuti Pachisia

Stuti Pachisia is fond of poetry, coffee and (un)necessary argumentation. She is an avid writer and an equally avid procrastinator. When she does write, it is mostly about love, loss and war.
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