5 Habits To Add To Your Everyday Life

EVERYDAY ROUTINE, I know you have heard of this term recently. If you think you don’t have an everyday routine then you’re mistaken, waking up, taking a shower, getting ready, going to your workplace, all this is your everyday routine.

Have you ever thought how healthy your routine is? Well, think about it. Every day you eat junk, breathe unhealthy air, this affects your insides as well as your outer self. I can give you a few tips and tricks to help make your everyday routine a tad healthier. If you read this article and make these things an everyday affair your life will glow (and so will your skin). Let’s get into the details.

Water- New Best Friend


Yes, you read right. A best friend should be one who gives you some benefit too. So, WATER.  I know you’ve heard a million people say that you must drink water on a regular basis. I have heard that too and trust me it works. You can feel the difference. I started drinking water up to 8 liters per day and I felt the change. I felt happier, no pimples, no constipation, no bad things and I enjoyed working too. All this because I wasn’t dehydrated. Make it a habit to drink water whenever you’re free. Release all those toxins from your body.

Face Wash


Make it a habit to wash your face with an oil free face wash whenever you enter your house from outside. Do not let the pollution and dust stick to your skin. Avoid the A/c when you come from outside. Wash your face and then cool it in an air conditioned room. I usually use the neem face wash from Himalaya. I’ve recently tried the VLCC anti-tan face wash and I find it pretty good too. Use a good face wash, test different ones according to your skin type. Do not use soap on your face ever. (Dove is an exception).



Okay, so you don’t need to go to the gym every time. Exercising simply means moving your body so that the fat burns. If you have a hectic schedule and you have to sit in the office all day long, then take some time out for a walk or even a simple yoga workout. If you have to move continuously at your job then you can skip this point. You must take a walk early morning or evening. A simple walk reduces the risk of any kind of heart disease, keeps your blood pressure normal and keeps your body in balance.

Green Tea


Having green tea is very important these days. It helps in detoxifying your body. It is just like taking a bath. You need to clean your body from inside. There are so many flavors of green tea these days. Fruits, garlic, etc. Green tea is different than normal tea because it is free from, sugar, tea and milk. You can add a spoon of honey if you wish. Choose your favorite flavor and have it with hot-warm water. You will feel the difference. If you are like me and don’t drink tea at all, consider this as medicine till you get a hang of it.



Each day you go through so many things, things that give you stress, tension which results in bad health. One minute of positivity can free you from loads of stress. Trust me, take some time out listen to some light music, read positive and motivating quotes and then carry on the rest of your day. Don’t take stress; avoid it as much as possible. Spread positivity among people and stay away from those who are negative and de-motivate you.

Shivali Dewan

Shivali Dewan is a freelance makeup artist from Ludhiana, Punjab. Loves to pin down her thoughts on different topics.
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