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    Eating Habits of Zodiac Signs You Don’t Know About

    When negativity surrounds you, your health becomes a tough task and when your work suffers, we generally get a little spiritual and then we have this quest to find out all the answers to our problems looking into our zodiac signs. Then what? We start checking our signs and compatibility with different friends. It’s fun! Every sign different eating habits…

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    5 Habits To Add To Your Everyday Life

    EVERYDAY ROUTINE, I know you have heard of this term recently. If you think you don’t have an everyday routine then you’re mistaken, waking up, taking a shower, getting ready, going to your workplace, all this is your everyday routine. Have you ever thought how healthy your routine is? Well, think about it. Every day you eat junk, breathe unhealthy…

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  • NewsWeird Dinner Habits

    6 Weird Dinner Habits Around the Globe

    The world is full of weird habits, especially when it comes to table manners. What may seem polite to some people can be extremely rude for others. In any case, dinner habits have evolved in time, but they have always kept their specificity, depending on the geographical location. Even though we’re not talking about written rules, these eating habits have…

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  • NewsDifferent Countries with Different Coffee Habits

    7 Different Countries with Different Coffee Habits

    Millions of people start their day in the same way: with a cup of coffee. However, this common beverage doesn’t necessarily imply similar habits as every country has its own way of preparing and drinking this miraculous substance. Originally found in Ethiopia, coffee easily spread around the world though the Middle East (Persia and Turkey), than India, Indonesia, and The…

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