5 Reasons Why Zack Snyder has Got it Right This Time

Critics are always divided on Zack Snyder’s performance as a director. He is a polarizing figure in the entertainment business. He earned huge laurels for 300 but drew criticism by a section of film analysts for its sequel. Both “Watchmen” and “Man of Steel”, comic book adaptations, managed to deliver decent numbers on the global box-office but their impact waned after the second week primarily due to the weak script. In Comic-Con 2015, the entire cast of Superman v Batman assembled and answered fan questions. They released a high-definition trailer afterward which seem to be pleasing both the fans and critics. Here are the 5 reasons Zack Snyder may have got it right this time:

Batman has a clear-cut motive to go against Superman:


In the trailer, there is a scene where Bruce Wayne see Wayne tower collapsing in front of his eyes when Superman took on General Zod. The Metropolis suffered immensely, Gotham is a neighboring city so it had to bear the brunt as well. This is reason enough to push Bruce Wayne to become “Dark Knight” again and contain this threat.

Kryptonite will play an important part in the story:

Lex luthor

It is shown in the trailer that General Zod is in the body bag, Lex Luther has possibly gained access to his DNA, from which he will build a Kryptonite-powered weapon, which is the sole weakness of Superman.

Superman is summoned by high-level committee, on one hand, has a loyal army of his own on the other:


The very first scene of the trailer showed Superman has been summoned by a committee as there are massive protests in the streets against his actions, but then there are those who think he is a “God” and are willing to serve him.

Wonder-woman has been carefully dealt with:

Gal Gadot

When Gal Gadot was cast, it evoked a mixed response from fans. But after watching the trailer, people are excited to see her performance, and there seems to be genuine character development of Wonder Woman.

It’s a promising start to building a DC Cinematic Universe:

Justice League: Zack Snyder

Some of the other superheroes like Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash may be teased in the movie which could pave the way for a future Justice League ensemble movie.

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