5 Reasons Why Daenerys Stormborn needs Tyrion Lannister to win Iron Throne

The HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 5 has reached to its penultimate episode which is going to be aired on Sunday night, one major development that has taken place is the meeting of Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys in her chambers pontificating about allegiances and counter-allegiances of the powerful houses of Westeros. Dany offered Tyrion his freedom in exchange of him providing valuable advice to her on how to restore Targareyn’s rule over the Westeros. Here are 5 reasons on why she needs him to fulfill her mission:

Death of Barristan Selmy:


In the Episode 4 of the Game of Thrones Season 5, one of the key advisors to Dany, Ser Barristan Selmy, who was member of the Kings Guard during the reign of the Mad King as well as served as a loyalist to King Robert Baratheon, died of critical wounds inflicted by an orchestrated attack from “Sons of the Harpy”. If Dany brings Tyrion on board to her small council, it would be a win-win proposition for both.


Tyrion is “the Greatest Lannister Killer of all time”:tyrion

He is responsible for the death of his mother Joanna Lannister, who died giving birth to him; he killed his own father Lord Tywin Lannister with a crossbow after he escaped prison with the help of his brother Jamie Lannister. The principal enemy of Dany is House Lannister who destroyed her family and have made several attempts to assassinate her, given the circumstances, Tyrion can be a great advisor to her.


War and Politics are two different things:


When Tyrion was standing before Dany, making his case, she said to him that she would have a mighty army and rightful claim, she can just march to Westeros and conquer the Iron Throne. To this, Tyrion quipped that waging a war and playing politics require different sets of skill. He has served as “Hand of the King” at King’s Landing and has deep knowledge of political machinations that are played out in the corridors of power.

Dario is a swordsman, not a strategist:


He shares the same bed with the Khaleesi, he is a great warrior and has helped her capture Maureen and other important cities around Slaver’s Bay. But he is a butcher at the end of the day, not a strategist. Dany needs someone like Tyrion who can craft a strategic military campaign, build alliances in Westeros and at the same time offer solutions to keep both common people and nobles of ancient families of Maureen by her side.


Tyrion is a small man who can cast a very large shadow: 


There was a reason why Lord Varys chose him to meet Dany once and decide if she is worth living for if she is the one who will inspire confidence and bring lasting peace to Westeros. He is an extremely well-read, well-traveled and a tactical person who can prove to be a huge asset to Dany to offer her sage advice to “break the wheel” as she intends to do.

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