5 Ways X-23 Could Replace Wolverine In The Future Movies

With Hugh Jackman finally giving up the role of Wolverine, the X-Men franchise will need a new character to take the place of the hero. And X-23 may be the perfect candidate for the job. Here are five ways she could replace Wolverine in future movies:

X-23 Could Travel Back To Deadpool’s Timeline

5 Ways X-23 Will Replace Wolverine In The FutureThe film Logan will take place in 2029, a distict future where mutants have become nearly extinct. Laura Kinney aka X-23 is but a young girl of 11 years when the movie takes places. The comics depicted that X-23 grows at a faster rate than normal children do, so she could have been in a fully developed adult body by the time Deadpool 2 tags along. Cable also comes from the future, is a time traveller, so the chances of the two meeting is closer than most.

She Could Join The X-Force

In the comics, she was a member of the militant task force known an X-Force. It was put together by Cable and had members like Wolverine and Deadpool. Since Wolverine is dunzo, it’s more than likely that X-23 will take the place of the clawed one. X-Force has already been greenlit to be featured in the third Deadpool film.

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