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    Mortal Kombat Creator Hints at Injustice Movie Under Work Featuring Evil Superman

    Injustice Movie Featuring Evil Superman: The DC Extended Universe was DC Comics‘ attempt at making a shared superhero cinematic universe on the lines of the MCU. While it had many takers, the DCEU also had many critics who never understood its charm and appeal, wantonly detesting it just because they had become accustomed to the light formulaic humor of the…

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    A New Director For Mortal Kombat Reboot?

    Movies adapted from video games have no shortage in Hollywood as we have seen a number of them. Most of them were crap despite their box-office success. Only a very few movies have done justice (partially) to the video games so far, but they also couldn’t recreate the magic of the video games completely. Now everyone is looking forward to…

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