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    14 American Movies That Had To Be Changed In Other Countries

    Nowadays, American filmmakers and producers have to keep the sentiments of other countries in consideration while making a movie. Even if the story is based in the U.S. and highlights the nation’s culture, they are often tweaked while releasing beyond borders. This can happen with a dialogue, movie title, or a scene that’s unacceptable or profane for the target country.…

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    Dwayne Johnson Shines In The New Moana Trailer

    A big shout out there! Disney has released the trailer of one of the most anticipated movies of this holiday season, Moana, which stars Dwayne Johnson. And it seems like he will be messing up with scary sea monsters down the ocean. The animated movie seems to be as fun as Disney’s earlier movies. Johnson is playing the character of…

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  • NewsHighest Grossing Movies of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

    Moana, Disney’s Latest Animation: Here’s What We Know

    Two days ago, Disney released a trailer for its new animated princess movie, Moana. The stunning trailer introduced us to Moana, a Polynesian girl, who meets the demi-god Maui. Just by a look at the 90-second teaser, it is hard not to believe the movie won’t be another Disney success, both in terms of quality and sales. First, releasing the…

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