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    Even Leonardo DiCaprio Can’t Explain Inception’s Ending

    The devotees of Christopher Nolan would agree to the fact that Inception is his best film. Sure there may be an argument between ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Inception’, but let’s just focus on Inception for now. Open-ended films are absolutely fantastic. Joker was the best film with an open ending last year, but Inception was probably the greatest open-ended film…

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    Avengers: Endgame Theory Finds Its Time Travel Solution Through ‘Inception’

    Avengers: Endgame is less than 2 weeks away from us now, and since we keep getting more and more footage from the marketing of the film, people are not stopping at anything in order to decode what’s coming. Theories about Avengers: Endgame have been coming out ever since Infinity War was released last year. But this is a film that…

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    Christopher Nolan’s The Inception Ending Finally Explained  

    There have been movies made across different genres like action, drama, sci-fi, horror etc. These are pretty standard in film-making but there is one genre which is neither action/drama nor horror, it’s called as “psychological thriller”. It consists of movies that are crafted to mess with your heads and take you on an insane ride, sometimes it pays off while…

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    30 Mind-Blowing Inception Behind-The-Scene Images

    Inception is by far the greatest mind-blowing psychological thriller ever. Nolan created a masterpiece that dived into the human subconscious and showed the viewers how our mind’s visions and nightmares could drive an exciting plot line. While the movie won the hearts and souls of audiences and so here we bring you the awesome Inception Behind-The-Scene images that will blow…

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    6 Reasons Why We Never Got To See An Inception Sequel

    Inception is considered as one of the best works of Christopher Nolan. The movie was also a huge box-office success. Even though Nolan isn’t a sequel man, he surprised everyone with his Batman trilogy. Many thought that Nolan would make a sequel to dig deeper into the layers of subconscious reality as the movie was really confusing, especially the ending.…

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