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    5 Best Ice Cream Parlors In Hyderabad

    Every one of us is busy running from one corner to the other.  We dine at restaurants, shacks, road side stalls giving our taste buds a food feast. But, any meal is incomplete without a dessert. A dessert is a cherry on top of a wonderful meal. There are a lot of people in this world with a sweet tooth.…

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  • NewsBest Romantic Restaurants in Hyderabad

    5 Best Romantic Restaurants in Hyderabad

    The best gift which you can give to your partner is your “TIME” Are you planning a romantic dinner for your special one? Then you have landed on the right page to choose the best place. We all have craving for delicious food and of course when it comes to a date we want to make it memorable for our…

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  • NewsHaleem - Heaven in Urn

    Haleem – Heaven in Urn

    Haleem, a Nawabi porridge which pulls us to the seventh heaven was brought to Hyderabad by the Mughals. This special Nawabi cuisine is prepared by the special cooks / Khan samas; who endeavored by making the dish to suit the royal palate. It occupies the first place in the menu of Iftar (meal eaten during Ramdan, after sunset). The dish…

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