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    Top 6 luxury hotels in Delhi

    Delhi, the capital of India, has lots to offer and attracts many tourists. This city not only has historical relevance but is famous for shopping and food as well.  Apart from the various budget hotels that are available, this city also offers luxury hotels for its travelers. The hotels offer extended services like arranging travel, tickets, astrology, etc. Let’s have…

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  • Newsmetro

    Five Annoying Species of People in the Delhi Metro

    Being a regular Metro traveler for a while, and a victim of the sheer boredom that inevitably leads to the observation of the commuters (I know, I need to get a life), I’ve come to draw categories of the kinds of people you come across in Delhi metro every day. And I can bet my ‘Harry Potter’ collection that you…

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    5 Types of Autowallahs

    Mr. Fancy This guy is fancier than you and can even give you a complex. He wears a uniform different from the other autowallahs. His shirt and pants aren’t grey but sparkling white. He wears frameless spectacles and has a touchscreen phone which may even be better than yours! Sitting in his plush auto, you wonder why he’s driving this…

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    7 Ancient Cities of Delhi You Must Know About

    Delhi, the capital of India, the nation`s heart has remained a historically important city.  It has been the most important city in the country for the greatest part of its history. Legend holds that this was the place where the ancient city of Pandavas, Indraprastha, was established. The area has shown signs of inhabitation from the Maurya period. However, the…

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    5 Best Milkshake Places in Delhi

    Milkshakes can be of different flavors, thick ice cream shakes where you have to apply a force on the straw or normal milkshakes which have oodles of cream. There are so many places famous for milkshakes and there are so many varieties, that it becomes really difficult to choose from. On hearing that 12th September is the official chocolate milkshake…

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