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  • MoviesActors Went From Best Movies To Worst

    Popular Hollywood Actors Who Went From Best Movies to Their Worst

    Actors Went From Best Movies to Worst: Hollywood is an uncertain place where fame and success is fickle. Even the actor ruling on top cannot be sure of his volatile fandom. The most celebrated actor today and suddenly become the least liked. In spite of being a common trend, this phenomenon often comes as a shock when it hits someone.…

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    Top 10 Best Movies About Real Serial Killers

    Best Movies About Real Serial Killers:  Serial Killers have fascinated human beings for as long as we can remember and that is why characters like Hannibal Lecter have enjoyed immense popularity. But as we all know, there is nothing scarier than the real thing. These movies are based on real-life serial killers, which proves that reality is always more horrific…

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  • MoviesBest Movies on Netflix November 2018

    List of Best Movies on Netflix November 2018

    Best Movies On Netflix November 2018: Netflix is the much-loved app for entertainment. Evenings filled with romantic movies and an action-packed Saturday, there is a movie for every day of the week on Netflix. As the year draws to a close the best of the movies are being aired on Netflix. From horror to hilarious, romance to courtroom dramas the…

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