• driverless car baidu

    The “Google of China” Enters Driverless Car Segment in a Big Way

    Nowadays there are many companies developing driverless cars, so it is easy to forget about Baidu. But this Chinese Internet Giant, which is often referred as “Google of China” is making a step towards its autonomous vehicle on the road. Baidu is Planning to use its driverless cars as a shared vehicle for public in 2018, but it is not…

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  • Chevrolet to Launch this New Hatchback

    The 2017 Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback is a hatchback version of the recently redesigned Chevy Cruze. It is offered only in a 5-door variant, the Cruze Hatchback keeps the front-end styling same as the standard Cruze but gives a totally new look in the back. It is about to launch in Aug. 2017. The arrival of the Cruze Hatchback is a good news…

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  • advanced car technologies

    Top 10 Advanced Car Technologies by 2020

    Here is a list of top 10 advanced car technologies which could be a reality soon in the near future, let’s say by the year 2020. Autonomous Vehicle It is not a fully autonomous vehicle. By 2020 fully autonomous vehicles will be on roads but only in certain circumstances. Cruise control is now available in some cars which is a small step…

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  • civic hatchback

    Honda has Returned With its 5-door Civic Hatchback

    When it was announced by Honda that it would introduce 10th-generation Civic, it promised that the US would be receiving three different variants of the car — sedan, coupe, and a five-door hatchback. The first two of them are already on sale, but now it’s time to feast your eyes upon the third that is the Hatchback. Take a look…

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