Saloni Gupta

Saloni Gupta

A designer based in Delhi. Architect and an enthusiast. Her artistic skills and radical thinking is what makes her perspective towards life and work so creative. Though her endeavour in making QB a unique platform has just begun but has miles to go.
  • Nov- 2020 -
    19 November
    Fitness10 Yoga Asanas

    10 Yoga Asanas and their Health Benefits

    Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice with its origins in ancient India. Even though it is an ancient practice but it is a full bag of numerous health benefits; whether you want a pretzel-like body or work on your core, or simply want to explore your spiritual side with this amazing mind, body-soul discipline yoga has everything for everyone.…

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  • Aug- 2016 -
    4 August

    8 Mind-Bending Movies Which Will Make You Forget Reality

    All of us wants to escape reality and experience things which will transcend the physical & mental barriers imposed on us. We would like to float in a zero gravity, discover a new city, build an AI and invent a drug that can make us limitless. How about living off our dark fantasies through cinema and broaden the horizons of…

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  • Jul- 2016 -
    23 July
    Celebsquotes by johnny depp

    5 Whacky Life Quotes by Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp is the style icon of Hollywood. He is one of the whackiest and outlandish actor to have ever set foot in the industry. He is Captain Jack Sparrow. He has been nominated for Oscars for his performance in “Finding Neverland”, “Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” but he remains one of those great actors…

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  • 4 July
    Celebsbarack obama quotes for success

    7 Inspirational Quotes by Barack Obama for Success

    Barack Obama is the first Black President of United States of America, but soon his two terms (8 years) as Commander-in-Chief will come to an end. He made history when he was sworn in, he is making history when he is leaving as his approval ratings (56%) is among the highest of any outgoing Presidents in US history. He inherited…

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  • Jun- 2016 -
    6 June
    Newsrobert downey jr quotes

    5 Quotes from Robert Downey Jr Which Prove He is the Real Iron Man

    Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most influential actors of the 21st century. The way he turned his life around from being a drug-addict and a constant outlaw to being critically acclaimed and the highest paid actor (according to Forbes list), has been nothing short of extraordinary. Here are a few quotes from Robert Downey Jr. that prove he is…

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