Disney Accidentally Reveals Key Scene in Avatar 3

James Cameron, the director of the Avatar film series, has been surprisingly forthcoming about the story of the third installment, so Avatar fans, get ready for some juicy details about the upcoming Avatar 3. It appears that the “The Way of Water” bonus features from Avatar 2 will also be released digitally. In addition to concept art for the 2024 movie, a sneak preview of a key scene in Avatar 3┬áthat reveals some intriguing character development is also included in the release. Even a script excerpt from Avatar 3 that was posted on Reddit is included in one of the bonus features, “Inside Pandora’s Box – Building the World of Pandora.”.

A discussion about Jack Champion’s Spider between Jake and Quaritch opens the excerpt. The boy is referred to as having two “fathers,” both men. The scene then describes Neytiri reuniting with her family after appearing to be injured and makes a reference to a new character named Va’ru. Joel David Moore’s character, Norm, is astounded to see Spider breathing normally after learning that he couldn’t in Avatar 2 because he wasn’t a Na’vi. Spider doesn’t appear to be concerned about his newly discovered ability to breathe on his own, though. In fact, in response to Norm’s shock, Spider shrugs and says, “I’m good on the whole air thing. ”


The Sully family reunites with the Omaticaya in the following scene, which is set inside the High Camp Grotto. Neytiri’s grandmother Tuk rushes to embrace Mo’at. The action then switches to Quaritch and Wainfleet at Bridgehead, where they are seen flying past a building in the harbor that is likened to an oil rig crossed with a nuclear reactor. The scene concludes with an example of what the structure is capable of, including the creation of a bright light and a shockwave. The bonus features are not limited to those, though. Spider was seen hugging a Na’vi character in a real behind-the-scenes video, perhaps as a result of his recent discovery of the ability to breathe independently in an outdoor setting.


It is surprising that Avatar 2’s bonus materials revealed so much information about Avatar 3, especially in light of the franchise’s reputation for secrecy. Based solely on this information, it appears that something significant and enigmatic occurs on Pandora to enable Spider to breathe, and his relationships with Jake and Quaritch may be further explored in the threequel. The script’s last scene description even resembles the movie’s conclusion, indicating that the Sully family has moved back into their original house and foreshadowing potential conflict in Avatar 4 at the same time.


The appeal of the Avatar franchise lies in how the film is executed and not necessarily in the plot itself, despite the fact that some fans may be concerned or annoyed by these spoilers. There’s also a chance that the script in the bonus features is an old draft and not what will actually happen on screen because Neytiri’s actress, Zoe Saldana, has confirmed that there is still more filming to be done for Avatar 3. With the release of Avatar 3 scheduled for December 20, 2024, we can only hope that James Cameron will continue to reveal more information in the months to come.


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