Captain America 4 Set Photos Hint at a Major Character’s Death

Not everyone in the upcoming Captain America: New World Order movie will survive, according to new photos from the set. Anthony Mackie plays Sam Wilson in the movie alongside a number of supporting players from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney as well as a few fresh faces like Harrison Ford, Tim Blake Nelson, and Liv Tyler. Fans have been treated with some Captain America 4 set photos of the cast on set since the Phase 5 movie’s production got underway on March 20.

The most recent set of images, however, offers a glimpse into how someone’s story might end in addition to the cast. The fresh set pictures, which include Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie, among the cast members, were published online by JustJared. The uniforms of the cast and the gravestones in the background seem to suggest that Sam Wilson is at the cemetery for a military funeral. Sam Wilson is also seen sporting a sling, indicating that he will sustain a serious injury in the movie.


At the cemetery shoot, Liv Tyler, who will return as Betty Ross in Captain America 4, was also spotted. Given that both Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross and Sam Wilson’s Cap are present in this scene, it is most likely that the deceased character was a significant one with connections to both of them. The cast of Captain America could be attending a few different funerals. Thunderbolts star Harrison Ford might continue to portray the MCU’s new President of the United States, despite some speculating that the funeral is for Thunderbolt Ross given the presence of his daughter Betty Ross.


An additional option is Carl Lumbly’s Isaiah Bradley, who is unquestionably deserving of a military funeral and its honors. However, considering that Steve Rogers has been missing since Avengers: Endgame, it’s also possible that the funeral is for him. Given that New World Order is a Captain America movie, it makes sense to have Sam start his story as Steve ends Steve’s. Sam Wilson is not a super soldier like Steve Rogers, so it’s interesting that the decision was made to depict him as injured.


It’s possible that he gets hurt during the movie’s climax, so the cemetery scene is most likely set toward the end of the third act. The majority of the film will require Sam to be in fighting shape, so the injury is probably only going to last a short while. Since Captain America 4 is still in the early stages of production, more information about the movie should become available to fans in the coming weeks. On May 3, 2024, Captain America: New World Order is expected to be released.

Overall, it appears that Captain America: New World Order will be a thrilling addition to the MCU. What are your thoughts regarding these new Captain America 4 set photos? Let us know in the comments.


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