Kevin Feige Almost Killed Off All 6 OG Avengers in Endgame

Avengers: Endgame was a culmination event for the Infinity Saga, and every Marvel fan loved it because of its emotional roller coaster narrative. We had the likes of Black Widow and Iron Man sacrificing themselves for the greater good. And those sacrifices proved to be tear-jerking moments for the fans. But did you know that Kevin Feige initially pitched the demise of all 6 OG Avengers in Endgame?

During a new interview with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed how Kevin Feige pitched the deaths of all original Avengers and why the idea was dropped. Joe Russo said:

“There were lots of rumors swirling about who was gonna die. Kevin did actually pitch, at one point, taking all the OGs off the board. We thought it was way too aggressive and that the audience wouldn’t be able to process it. And that, in fact, picking one or two characters to make sacrifices throughout the movie might give you moments throughout the film where the action could stop and you could have emotional catharsis and then continue with the narrative.”


The Russos were right to make the kind of calls they did. Losing all 6 of them would have been too much! Instead, we’re getting projects from the leftover 3 OG Avengers, so that’s a plus. Thor’s fourth entry did not turn out to be as good, but there’s still hope for Thor 5. And there’s a general belief that characters like Thor and Hulk are still not done telling their stories. There’s more that could be told with guys. Even Captain America could do more if Chris Evans decides to come back.


6 OG Avengers in Endgame

Because we’re in the Multiverse Saga, the OG 6 are expected to reunite in Avengers: Secret Wars. So even if they were all killed off, we could still have them back in Secret Wars. But we’re glad that Marvel did not make that over-aggressive approach. The deaths of Black Widow and Tony Stark proved gut-wrenching for the fans, and that was enough. Besides, many fan expectations were subverted when Captain America did not die. So that was a plus!


How would you guys have felt if all 6 OG Avengers in Endgame were killed off? Let us know in the comments.

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