7 Insane Superpowers That Made THOR An Indestructible GOD

The hammer-wielding, The God Of Thunder and one of the most powerful God-level superheroes, Thor is a man with enormous strength, invulnerability, super stamina, super speed, longevity and is highly potential to survive celestial blasts. He is a complete master of earth manipulation and can bring chasms in planets. Being a half elder god from his mother’s side and half-Asgardian from his father’s side, Thor is physically the most strongest Asgardians in the realms. But as he kept emerging in different timelines and crossover events, most of you might not know about his former powers. So check out seven superpowers of him that made Thor an indestructible god. 

 1. Rune Magic

Thor learned the mastery of rune magic during Ragnarok, which provided him powers to cast spells to create different powerful effects like teleportation from one dimension to other. Moreover, his magical force was so strong that he could destroy demon in a flick. His perfection in Mysticism and Rune Magic were the strongest among other Asgardians.

2. Thorforce

Also dubbed as Odin Force, Thor was highly powerful and manipulative that he could enter into enormous resources of mystical energy and cosmic energies. Thor’s power increased to multiple-folds from Odin force as it was highly comprised of his own powers, king of Asgard and powers of his brother Vili and Ve, which made him the strongest among all Asgardians.

3. Thor: The Power of Time 

With the help of his all-mighty and the most powerful weapon in the comic book world, Mjolnir, he could traverse through past and future by opening a portal to the fourth dimension. He would swing his hammer and reverse the time, which helped him to prevail over Hade’s time portal and protected him and others from quick-freeze in time.

4. Thorsleep


After draining his Thorforce too fast, he had to enter into Thorsleep mode to regain his force and energy. And there was no definite time when Thor would be coming in the Thorsleep and how long he would be staying in. With the help of magical casket filled which enchantments, which helped him reduce the Thorsleep and cover fast.

5. Superhuman Senses

Thor has the potential to track objects traveling faster than the speed of light. He can hear sounds from the different side of a planet. Moreover, he can see objects everywhere in the entire solar system.

6.  Super Healing

It is impossible to rip a single tissue from Thor’s body. Due to his strong physiology, Thor can survive the most brutal injuries faster than an average human being. He has the strongest healing factors among all the Asgardian Gods. Moreover, he can regenerate his clothes.

7. Earth Control

Thor has shown the potential to control the whole earth. He can form continental-spanning chasms and control earthquakes. Moreover, he can control other natural activities.

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