Is Wakanda More Advanced Than Asgard?

The MCU is expanding at a rate that’s hitherto undreamt of. Technological advancements in this universe have risen to a total science fiction level! Things began with Iron Man and his advanced suits of armor. We were introduced to AIs and things like the Super Soldier Serum. But from there on, things rose to the next level with the introduction of Asgard. And later, Wakanda was brought in as well. So, people were left asking this question – Is Wakanda more advanced than Asgard? Well, let’s take them up one by one.


2011’s Thor was the first time the MCU introduced us to Aliens and Gods! But even with the arrival of Asgard, Marvel tried to ground it in reality. That’s what they do as they with everything as they literally try to give a scientifically believable explanation for all their outlandish ideas. And they did the same with Asgard. Gods just became regular people from other realms, and magic was termed as a science that humans couldn’t comprehend just yet.


We got this Soul Forge scene in Thor: The Dark World to further establish this notion. At face value, the Soul Forge pretty much looks like magic. But as Jane argues, it was just a form of quantum field generator as it transferred molecular energy from one place to another. So, it is clear that Asgardian tech is much more advanced compared to what people have come up with on Earth. But this soul forge is just scraping the surface of the advanced tech that the Asgardians truly possess.


They’ve got flying vehicles and insanely powerful weapons, and the pinnacle of their tech is the Bifrost. The Rainbow Bridge of Norse myth seemed like magic. But as Jane Foster and Erik Selvig have explained, the Bifrost is an Einstein-Rosen bridge. Or, in layman’s terms, it is a wormhole. It punches a hole through space and allows a person to go from one point to another. And the Asgardians unlocked the technology that allows them universal travels in an instance. But after the arrival of Wakanda, people were left asking whether this African nation was even more advanced than Asgard.


Is Wakanda More Advanced Than Asgard

To give you a short answer, No, I don’t think that’s true. If Wakanda and Asgard were to go to war, either of them could be the victor. But that doesn’t mean Wakanda is more advanced than Asgard. Let’s take a closer look at the technology that the Wakandans possess and then decide the ultimate victor between the two.



The crown jewel that Wakanda possesses is obviously Vibranium, the meteorite that struck their lands ages ago. The reason Wakanda managed to become the most advanced and powerful nation on Earth is because of Vibranium. Through this mineral, they were able to come up with their flying cars, their weapons, and their mechanized suits.


The Black Panther suit is literally the best suit of armor one could imagine. Adding Iron Man’s flight system to these suits would deliver an even better product. But let’s not talk about that for now. To top their technology, Shuri even cracked nano-tech! And if the Wakandans manage to produce their nanotech suits and weapons on a massive scale, then they could literally create an unbeatable army.


Over the years, we’ve noticed that the Wakandans and the Asgardians have many similar pieces of tech. We’ve already talked about flying cars. But both these parties were also able to come up with protective shield domes that are almost impenetrable. And some of their weapons are similar too. So, is Wakanda more advanced than Asgard? Well, let’s find out.


Why Asgard is More Advanced!

Despite the similarities between Asgard and Wakanda, we believe that Asgard was still a much more advanced realm because of two major things. Number 1 – The lifespan of their people is much longer compared to humans. And number 2 – Asgard has something that the Wakandans don’t, and that is magic and sorcery. I am not talking about the kind of magic that’s termed as an advanced science that humans have not tapped yet. I mean literal magic akin to Doctor Strange’s mystic arts.


So, because their people lived longer, their technological advancements and the development of their civilization happened much faster over time. And because they’ve got some insanely powerful beings among them who have access to magic, they managed to infuse that magic with their technology. Ultimately, that produced some remarkable weapons, such as Odin’s spear Gungnir and the Destroyer.


Having unlocked interstellar travel through the Bifrost, they were also able to conquer other planets and learn from them. They were able to acquire weapons like the Infinity Stones from across the 9 realms. But Wakanda, on the other hand, has just got Vibranium. That usually fulfills the shortage of magic on their land. But Wakanda is still behind Asgard because they also don’t have an effective means of interstellar travel.


Now that Tony has figured out time travel and a way to navigate through the Quantum Realm, maybe Shuri could also use Tony’s findings in the near future. And then, using the Quantum Realm, she could maybe use Tony’s Time Space GPS like the Bifrost or Loki’s temp pad. But instead of traveling through time, she could use it to travel across the universe. Maybe then, Wakanda would be able to outshine the Asgard in every way.


But they actually don’t need to do that because the true Asgard, with all of its tech advancements, doesn’t exist anymore. All that’s left is New Asgard and this nation just cannot match the might of Wakanda. Their survivors still might carry their knowledge, but we saw how New Asgard had only begun to develop. The nation doesn’t even have any powerful weapons anymore.

So, all in all, the old Asgard was more advanced, but Wakanda is more alive.


Still, I am leaving the decision of picking a winner upon you guys. Let us know your pick in the comments.

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