How Doctor Strange 2 Sets Up Avengers 5 With a Huge Incoming Battle

The Marvel Cinematic Universe just expanded the scope of its multiverse even further by the introduction of another universe that had defeated Thanos without the need of the snap. Steven Strange was convinced that giving away the time stone was the only way by which he would be able to resurrect everyone. He needed Iron Man to stay alive until the end so that he could make the sacrifice play and defeat Thanos once and for all. We won’t call it an easy choice, but Multiverse of Madness confirmed that this was not the only way. The movie also establishes a new looming threat in the cosmos, the threat of an incursion. We think this is how Doctor Strange 2 sets up Avengers 5. Let me explain in proper detail.

The movie starts with Steven attending the wedding of Dr. Christine Palmer. Steven is asked by Christine if he is happy, to which he says that he is. It is strange to think that a man with the powers of a God and the control of the cosmos might not be “happy’. But that is the truth, Steven has found a lot of success in the world as a surgeon and as a sorcerer but he is yet to settle is hard. For most successful people, this is the hardest part of all. Still, the problems that he attempts to solve are far beyond the realm of man. Dr. Strange attempts to stop the Scarlet Witch from taking over the multiverse but ends up creating a major threat to his homeworld.


Doctor Strange 2 Sets Up Avengers 5

You see, The Illuminati were present in the movie for one reason. They weren’t there to stop the Scarlet Witch in the slightest, they were there to make sure that we knew about the dangers of an incursion. Dreamwalking and extended use of the Darkhold to take control of multiverse variants leads to events known as incursions. This translates to the collision of two universes in the multiverse resulting in the annihilation of both. This is an Avengers-level event and we expect that the Avengers will have to assemble to stop it in the near future.


Even the appearance of Clea at the end of the movie indicates that there is something sinister going on in the MCU. It is never easy to create universal catastrophes that can justify assembling the Avengers through time and space, but the annihilation of the entire universe might force a reunion. But the real question is how do you fight the physical structure of the universe. If two universes are clashing, then there is not much you can do. Even cosmic powerhouses would be at a loss.


After all, the universes are not something that can be ripped apart like quarreling children. This is where Clea comes in. Clea is the daughter of Umar and Orini. Umar is the sister of Dormammu but she was banished to another dimension long ago after Dormammu defeated her. Orini has always been a faithful follower of Dormammu and Clea grew up worshiping the evil magician herself. Faltine are beings made of pure energy. Only they harbor the secret of stopping an incursion.


The Explanation

Doctor Strange 2 sets up Avengers 5

This is why Clea is here, she is our road to the solution. That solution might not be immediately visible to us but we can be sure that Strange will use her knowledge to the advantage of our universe. We should mention that in the comics, Clea is the only stable love interest that Strange has ever had. The two have substantial responsibilities in their own dimensions, but their story of dimensionally crossed lovers is a compelling one. We hope that we can get to see some of that in the MCU. Doctor Strange 2 sets up Avengers 5 by using Clea.


They create the need for this resolution by giving MCU Strange a third eye, which is an indicator of the Darkhold’s corruption. Will we get to see an Avengers team up at the end of Phase V? We will have to wait to find out.

Do you also think that Doctor Strange 2 sets up Avengers 5? Let us know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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