Here’s How Tony Stark Is Smarter Than Reed Richards

If you have been a Marvel comics fan for a long time, you know that the battle of intelligence between the Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic is a long one. One created a super armor of highly advanced tech, while the other one split his first atom at 15. But Marvel now seems to have solved this battle in their recent issue. Keep up with the post to find more about how Tony Stark is smarter than Reed Richards.

Tony Stark is a world-renowned engineer who received his education from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He solved the world power crisis like it was no deal to him. Whereas, Reed Richards has received degrees from CalTech, Harvard, and MIT, as well. So, if you only compare them on their education, Reed Richards might appear smarter. But when it comes to overall intelligence, education doesn’t play a very big deal. And trust me, we are not saying that Richards is less smart because he revealed Black Bolt’s power to Wanda in Doctor Strange 2. We don’t talk about that!


Coming back to the topic, the recent Thor #25 sees the Avengers coming together to discuss Hulk and Thor. The issue begins with Hulk’s latest rampage that ended with 17 people dead in a small town called El Paso in Texas. When the Avengers came together to discuss this, they come to know that it was not just Hulk.



How Tony Stark is smarter than Reed Richards

In their meeting in Thor #25, Tony reveals to the group that this rampage is a result of an ongoing battle between Thor and Hulk. This battle had been going on in the Black Hand of God, the severed hand of a Celestial. And then he went into his goofy mood and made a sarcastic comment. Although Reed Richards couldn’t understand the sarcasm and said something that proves he may not be as smart as we give him credit for. Tony explains how he came to know about Hulk and Thor-

 …A sound in space. Something so loud that its vibrational frequency completely fried one of my space babies.

Tony claimed this sound said Hulk Smash and it came from the space and one of his probes caught it. This didn’t make any sense for Reed Richards because he didn’t know if Tony had any monitoring devices in space. Tony replies with


I’m kidding, Reed. I have no idea how to do any of that. Thor’s ravens told me where Hulk is.

Reed believed it. Now, do you see any problem with it? Because if you don’t, you are about to feel a little foolish. When Tony lies about having caught that sound in his probes, Reed objects to Tony having probes. But what should have been his bigger concern- the probes, or the fact that sound traveled through space? Reed Richards is a scientist with 4 degrees in math, engineering, and physics. Yet he forgot that sound can’t travel through space because of the lack of vibrating particles. And yes, this is true even if Hulk shouted at the top of his lungs!



The answer is quite simple- Jealousy. He didn’t want to believe that someone could invent something like space monitoring devices and he would not be that someone. In the comics, Richards is always the one who is consulted for inter-planetary and inter-dimensional travel. So the fact that sound cannot travel through the universe was clouded by his jealousy of Stark’s advancement in science. This clouding of his judgment and intelligence proved that Tony is more intelligent than him. This also proves that even the Earth’s Mightiest Superheroes are not unknown to human emotions.


How Tony Stark is smarter than Reed Richards, Do you know any other reasons? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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