Marvel Has Already Killed A Moon Knight Villain Without Even Showing Him

With the first episode starting with a normal day in Steven’s life and the following episodes picking up right where the last one left, we didn’t know much about Marc Spector and Steven Grant. That all changed in the fifth episode when the titular character went back to visit memory lane. While this visit explained the troubled mind of Marc Spector. Also, it might’ve set up a potential and dangerous villain but at the same time, Marvel might’ve killed a significant Moon Knight villain in a flashback? Check it Out!

Disney+’s Moon Knight follows the journey of one troubled Marc Spector. He suffers from a mental condition called Dissociative Identity Disorder(DID), following years and years of physical abuse at the hands of his own mother. This led him to leave his house at a young age and to a life as a mercenary. His life’s journey led him to the shrine of the Egyptian Lunar God, Khonshu, who made him his fist of Vengeance, aka his Moon Knight.


Moon Knight is a popular hero from the Marvel Comics who became a crimefighter by night to avenge the innocents. He has faced and triumphed many villains during his reign as the Moon’s Knight. While we saw one of them in Disney+’s Moon Knight as Arthur Harrow, the series didn’t shy away from teasing other villains too. And in the process, it might’ve just killed another villain too. Episode 5 of the miniseries was one of the darkest episodes yet and saw the deaths of a lot of villains. And one of those deaths was of a character who grew up to be one of Moon Knight’s arch-nemesis.



Every hero has a villain who is the exact opposite of him. Batman has Joker, Sherlock Holmes has Professor Moriarty, and in the same way, Moon Knight has Shadow Knight. In the comics, when Marc Spector led a team of mercenaries to Egypt and died and was reborn as the Moon Knight, he was not the only one to become the Fist of Khonshu. In the temple, there was another mercenary who came across a piece of parchment. It said that there were originally two Khonshus and one of them obtained power from killing the other one. So the other mercenary became the Avatar of the second Khonshu and took the name- Shadow Knight.


Moon Knight villain

But little do non-comic book MCU fans know, that Shadow Knight is no other than Randall Spector. Or Roro, as Disney+ Moon Knight fans know him. In the comics, Marc loved Randall but Randall hated him for being the perfect one. He grew up to resent him and even killed Marc’s love interest, although that was part of the job. As a result, Marc hunted him down and attacked him with a grenade, and then left him for dead. Little did he know that he had just made a villain who could match him with powers. Although, he did kill him in the end. But MCU decided to go a whole different way with the character. But still somewhat similar.



Moon Knight writers wanted to make Marc Spector’s origin story a lot more convincing. They wanted a convincing reason for him to develop several alternate identities. And they found that in the death of Marc’s younger brother in childhood. Randall’s, aka Roro’s, death affected Marc’s mother the most and she blamed Marc for his death. As a result, she started ignoring him and eventually, abusing him. This is how Marc Spector created his alternate identities to not deal with that abuse and develop long-term mental issues.


In the comics, Randall made Marc the best version of himself. And same can be said for the MCU’s version of the character. Even though he died, his death shaped Marc’s life. Plus, another similarity is the reason for Randall’s death. Marc became the reason for Randall’s death in both the iterations. Though in the comics, it was intentional as Randall was a psychopath, and in the MCU, it was more of a teenage mistake.


This is one of the many examples where Marvel deviated from the source material to better explain the character’s motivation. Marc would have been a depressed kid throughout his life if it had not been for his alternate identity as Steven Grant. Plus, Shadow Knight is a character who can be taken by any of the other characters from the comics if Randall is truly dead. Although there is a possibility that Marvel changes his story in the future and negates his death. He can still return but that will not work with everything that Marc has gone through in the six-episode event. Moon Knight is currently available for streaming on Disney+.


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