Elizabeth Olsen Reveals The Future Of Scarlet Witch

Elizabeth Olsen’s latest MCU movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, is finally out. And ever since it came out, she has been getting nothing but praises for her performance in the project. She has been a part of many MCU projects, but this time, she took her acting skills to the next level. This leaves fans wondering when she’s going to return to the MCU and in what storyline. In a recent interview, Elizabeth Olsen reveals the future of Scarlet Witch, Let’s take a look:


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness continued from the events of WandaVision for Wanda and NWH for Strange. We know that Wanda is now under the influence of the Darkhold and Strange has just encountered his first multiversal incursion. The movie saw Wanda unleashing madness onto the multiverse in her quest to take the dimensional powers from America Chavez. And Strange being the savior of the children that he is, tries his best to stop her from doing this. The movie featured some of the most horrific and intensely tragic scenes, unlike any MCU movie ever!



What most fans loved most about the movie was the way they ended the Wanda-evil arc! Many fans have expressed their reviews about this arc and some dislike it, but Elizabeth Olsen revealed that this was where they were headed towards this ever since her debut. She made this revelation in her interview with Fandango, via Rotten Tomatoes, where she talked about her character’s future. When the interviewer showed some doubts about how her character ended up in the climax of this film, this is what she replied-

“I really thought of this film as a story that was told between… It ends the way it’s supposed to end and I’m always very curious what the fans want next as well because I don’t have any ideas. So I think that would be helpful to get some ideas from them.”


The success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been because of its fan service. They bring their best content forward for them and even ask their fans where they want to see their favorite character go. So it was nice to hear when Olsen revealed that she is currently open to suggestions regarding her character. And when asked about her next MCU appearance, she gave a really good reply. She talked about how she doesn’t wanna waste her character’s potential. She wants to wait for a good story to tell because that’s what everyone wants, right? In her words,

“My whole thing without having like these big picture deals or whatever to you know, go nine times or whatever it is, is that as long as and this is what happened with WandaVision as long as there’s a good story to tell I’ll be there, but I don’t think it’s fun for the fans for us to just like show up and not have anything interesting to share or to tell or to explore and so for me, it’s always about the story.”


The Future of Scarlet Witch

But this is not all. She even went forward and revealed what she wants for her character’s future. She wants an older version of her character who is wiser. And she reveals her willingness to use prosthetics and silver hair to complete that awesome look. This is the type of dedication we can only expect from a true fan! Read the full statement-

“If there’s a good idea, I’m happy to play her. I also think her being old will actually be kind of amazing. In the comics, her power kind of deteriorates her and ages her in a way in some of the comics. I do think of that as being kind of amazing. I kind of imagined myself one day with like prosthetics and silver hair and like playing her as this like like older wise woman and so I do have this kind of this dream of aging her quite a bit. [I] just really think she’s ancient in her like the myth of the Scarlet Witch is this ancient myth and so that’s something that I kind of adore about, a potential future that I’m just kind of throwing out and I don’t really know where it would go.”



The best thing about the ending of the new Doctor Strange movie was the way it left things. It left us on a cliffhanger and from here, things could literally go anywhere. Wanda just realized her mistakes and destroyed every Darkhold in the multiverse, so we might finally see her become her own person. There’s also a high chance that we see an older Wanda because Olsen teased her character’s future one before. She said that she wanted to explore the House of M plotline and that’s what she did! So if she talked about the Older Wanda storyline, this might be where MCU is heading in the future.


What will be the future of Scarlet Witch according to you? Will she return or not? let us know your answers down in the comments.

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