10 Useless MCU Post-Credits Scenes that Didn’t Really Matter

Over the years, one of the most essential parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe projects has become the post-credits scene. Every entry to the franchise has a post-credits scene that features a possible hint to the future entries in the franchise. Often the movie won’t stick to this rule and the post-credits scene will just be a continuation of a joke. Since the franchise was quite unplanned in the early stages there were some post-credits moments that didn’t make any sense at all. Let’s take a look at some useless MCU Post-Credits scenes that didn’t really matter.

The Avengers

This was the MCU’s first major crossover event and that was one of the biggest things about the movie. We get to witness the heroes coming together and dealing with a common enemy while also working their egos about working with other characters. The conclusion sees them getting along quite well since it was required to be the solution to fight their enemy and prevent New York from being invaded by the Chitauri army. The last scene sees the Avengers sitting around a table eating Shawarma after the battle. Even though it is one of the most favourite scenes for fans of the movie, it hardly has any purpose when it comes to the larger narrative.


Avengers: Age of Ultron

The narrative of this movie will have an essential role to play in the Infinity Saga as a whole. We get to discover that most of the new characters are a result of the Mind Stone in Loki’s staff.  But Thanos didn’t have any role to play in the movie. This ends up making no sense considering the final scene from the movie sees Thanos exclaiming, “I’ll do it myself” while putting on the Infinity Gauntlet. There is no possible way that Thanos would have been aware of the events on Earth and Ultron was in no way involved with Thanos.


Spider-Man: Homecoming

One of the first entries in the franchise that deals with how kids react to the events of the MCU. Even though Iron Man/ Tony Stark has a major role in the movie, Captain America ends up making a cameo. This cameo sees him giving a lesson during the Gym period or during detention. It was a clear indication that Cap had shot a lot of these videoes but around the end, he appears again to talk about the importance of patience. This scene builds up to nothing and there’s no new information that the scene leads up to in terms of the franchise.


Thor: Ragnarok

Useless MCU Post-Credits Scenes

This movie is one of the best additions to the franchise and was responsible for a significant amount of development in Thor’s character. A final scene from the movie shows Grandmaster coming out of his hiding spot with people around him who clearly want him dead. Even though the movie plays the character out with a lot of fun it hardly has anything to add to the movie as a whole. It fits in with the fun aspect of the movie, but the fans who wanted a hint regarding the franchise’s future are left confused.



The trend of the post-credits scene is something that has been brought into the Disney+ shows too. Often the episodes would end with an indication regarding what we will get to see in the next episode. One of the most talked-about things in the Hawkeye series was the Broadway show – Stevers Roger musical. The post-credits scene gives us a look at the full show as a credit to the effort that was made into bringing this awesome element to the series. But as a whole, this didn’t have any important aspect regarding the franchise as a whole.


Ant-Man and the Wasp

This movie is often considered to be a means of a bridge between the narrative of Infinity War and Endgame. Even though we get to see Wasp in action and the return of Janet Pym, there’s hardly anything else the movie has to offer for the fans. One of the post-credits scenes sees the giant ant from earlier in the movie playing the drums in Scott’s abandoned house. Even though it was supposed to be fun it can also be considered morbid. But the other scene actually manages to give us an idea regarding Scott’s status during the events of Endgame.


Guardians of the Galaxy

Useless MCU Post-Credits Scenes

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best additions to the franchise, taking the narrative to the larger universe. This entry brought the brilliance of James Gunn to the universe and his sense of humour made some really awesome developments in the character as a whole. After Groot’s sacrifice in the movie, we discover that Rocket has managed to secure a sap of his. The mid-credits scene sees Baby Groot dancing as Drax ends up noticing the latter. Even though it fits with the tone of the movie, on a larger scale it hardly matters and thus making it one of the MCU post-credit scenes which didn’t matter.


Guardians of the Galaxy

These movies are responsible for introducing a lot of characters to the franchise. One of the most obscure characters that it ends up introducing is Howard the Duck. The character is first shown as a part of the collection of The Collector. After the explosion at his collection, Howard the Duck is freed and is seen having a drink.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

There are a lot of post-credits scenes in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. This post-credits scene sees Peter walking into adolescent Groot’s room. As Peter asks him to clean up all the twigs and branches on the food, Groot talks back to him. It isn’t really a necessary element when the Infinity Saga is taken into consideration.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

James Gunn is known for sneaking fun elements in the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the movies. This is something we can clearly see with the most surprising Stan Lee cameo where the character is revealed to be an informant to the Watchers. This was something that fans had theorized for a long time but this is more of a joke than something to be taken seriously.

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