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Robert Pattinson Avoided This Big Val Kilmer Batman Mistake!

With The Batman now out, fans are rushing to the theatres to check out Pattinson’s take at the Caped Crusader. As Pattinson and crew go at interviews for their movie’s marketing, newer details about the movie are coming out. In his recent interview, he explained how he prevented himself from making the same Val Kilmer Batman Mistake from back in 1995. Keep up with the post to find out more about this.

Matt Reeves will be bringing the newest Batman to life through Robert Pattinson. The director has promised a never-seen-before version of the Dark Knight, who is more violent, grittier, and darker than all the live-action iterations before him. And after seeing the movie firsthand, we think he has delivered on his promise. Robert Pattinson seems too far gone in his Batman attire and Batman’s fans are loving it. The movie, unlike its predecessors, targets Batman’s detective capabilities. It shifts the focus from the movie being a Superhero movie to a mystery thriller. Without spoiling the movie anymore, let’s get on with the post.



In his journey to bring out his inner Bruce Wayne and Batman, Pattinson sought various methods. And one of them was voice modulation. He wanted to bring something to his character that differentiated him from all the other characters that has played the character before him. But he wasn’t the first one to go for that approach. Christian Bale wanted to break the stereotype of the heavy and gruff voice of Batman by going for a whispery voice. But he soon realized the problem and decided to go with the heavy voice.


Christian Bale refused Nolan for Batman movie

As for Pattinson, he told in a recent interview at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, that how he intended to go for a low-pitched but tough voice for Batman. He wanted to do this to separate his Batman from his Bruce Wayne as far as possible. However, the directing crew advised him otherwise and he decided not to go with it. According to him, they said that the whispery voice ‘just looked absolutely atrocious‘. Unbeknownst to him, he, and even Christian Bale, wasn’t the first actor to try out this voice. While they only thought of trying the new voice out, Val Kilmer had had the same idea and he even went through with it.


Val Kilmer Batman Mistake

In 1995, Val Kilmer attempted to try the whispery voice to avoid looking like he is copying Michael Keaton. He went with a breather tone, causing most of his dialogues to sound like mumbles. The problem with this choice was so serious that some of his co-workers specifically pointed it out during interviews. When Chris O’Donnel was advertising for his 1997’s Batman & Robin, he revealed how hard it was to act when he couldn’t even understand what Kilmer was saying under the mask. According to him, he was not the only one to be bothered by the voice. O’Donnell says, “At one point, Michael was just like, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t hear him!’


Val Kilmer Batman Mistake

This led to a lot of cut-aways and retakes. So, if Robert Pattinson decided to not repeat Val Kilmer’s mistakes, we think it will be for the best. Plus, both of their takes on the character are vastly different. While Pattinson’s Batman is grittier and angrier, Kilmer’s Batman had enough experience to remain calm in most situations. Moreover, we think Kilmer’s problem wouldn’t even have been there if he had switched his Batman voice with Bruce Wayne’s. Being a billionaire genius, it would make sense if he speaks slowly and in a low-pitch. This shows his disregard for others, just like it should.


What do you think? Tell us about your views on what should the perfect Batman sound like in the comments section below.

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