MCU’s Secret Wars Will Be The End of Phase 4

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at an incredible pace ever since the sacred timeline was freed by Loki and Sylvie at the end of Loki. Things have escalated quickly and we have been introduced to a whole bunch of new characters. Eternals showed us the celestial part of the MCU that had been kept under covers until now. There was also Shang-Chi & The Ten Rings, which introduced us to the mystical realm of Ta Lo and the beasts that resided there. Even No Way Home did its share of the work by bringing back Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. What is the reason for this sudden influx of characters? Well, we think it is because Secret Wars will be the end of Phase 4.

Secret Wars is a very famous, and recurring, event in the Marvel multiverse where heroes and villains from different universes and different planets compete with each other for the entertainment of an all-powerful being. The first version of this story featured The Grandmaster capturing the heroes and having them battle each other Sakaar in a tournament. This story was reminiscent of tournament arcs in anime. But then the concept evolved and Secret Wars became an excuse for Marvel to have their main heroes beat the shit out of each other. One of such Secret Wars was held on Battleworld under the rule of God Doom. God Doom was a character in Marvel comics who came to be when Viktor Von Doom took control of the powers of The Beyonder.


Secret Wars Will Be The End

The story we are talking about had a big lead-up where we saw Dr. Doom visit different realities trying to find a way to make sure that the multiverse doesn’t collapse on itself. The Battleworld created by Doom was a mash-up of different realities. These realities were forbidden from interaction with each other and Doom’s henchmen patrolled the borders. We think that the MCU is heading towards a similar fate in phase 4. Starting with Multiverse of Madness we are about to see a lot more of the new realities than we bargained for.


The second trailer for the movie showcases several instances where Strange is either traveling to or being taken from universe to universe. We think that he will spend some time in each of these realities, navigate them with the help of Chavez and try to gather enough strength to oppose The Illuminati. But we also think that his actions will have dire consequences and Strange will have no option but to push all the fragmenting realities together in a way that they support each other and don’t implode. He may be manipulated to do this by Kang, who’ll then take control.


Next Few Story Arcs of the MCU
Next Few Story Arcs of the MCU

But his actions will lead to Secret Wars in the MCU. With the formation of Battleworld, all Marvel IPs will become fair game and could then be easily included in the MCU. This would enable Marvel Studios to use comic characters more efficiently and seamlessly integrate them with older franchises. For Instance, it will become very easy to introduce old and new mutants. We could also bring together Magneto and Charles Xavier (who is already appearing in Multiverse of Madness).


The Consequences

It would be refreshing to see Doctor Strange paying for his actions. The character has been running rampant in the MCU. He has broken every law of the natural world just to ensure that his race is not eradicated by the natural flow of creation. The man explored 14 million realities to ensure that they won against Thanos. He is desperate to survive and this is exactly how supervillains take over. It will be interesting to see how he justifies creating the battleworld and handing the keys over to Kang.


The character has been a fan favorite until now and if the studio chooses to transform him into a villain they will be able to baffle the audience and increase their content engagement. It would be an expectation subversion of colossal proportions. We think that Secret Wars will be the end of Phase 4 and everything in Phase 5 will involve battling Kang. Let us know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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