Marvel Keeps Making The Same Mistake With Mjolnir & Now It’s Getting Boring!

One of the key aspects of the character of Thor is his beloved weapon Mjolnir. Over the years we have gotten to witness Thor using this weapon to get through some of the darkest moments and it is quite an essential element of his persona. Later we would even get to see some arcs revolving around this hammer itself and it would make for some of the most awesome narratives. There have been times when the Mjolnir was replaced with other weapons that Thor ends up wielding but somehow the character ends up returning to the Mjolnir. Marvel is repeating the same Mistake with Mjolnir and not saving Thor’s character by bringing him a brand new hammer into the mix.


For over a period of 50 years, we have gotten to see Thor being paired up with his beloved weapon Mjolnir. This weapon has even had a major appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe until it was crushed by Hela during the events of Ragnarok. But later the franchise would bring back for the final battle against Thanos in the most awesome way possible. Thor had the Stormbreaker with him but the character had spent most of his early solo movies trying to be worthy of wielding the hammer. This became rather interesting as it paved the way for the scene where Captain America was seen wielding the hammer.


Now we will get to see the hammer make another comeback with the character of Jane Foster wielding it. Based on the reveals it seems that it will be pieced together from the crushed bits in Ragnarok. While this is the narrative from the MCU, the recent comics saw some interesting development in Thor’s relationship with Mjolnir. The God of Thunder found it quite difficult to move the hammer while others found it quite easy to lift. Later, the hammer had become sentient and was responsible for several massacres across the Nine Realms.


Mjolnir Arc In Thor

In Thor #23, we see that the Mjolnir was possessed by Magog and ended up being quite deadly. Odin sacrificed himself in order to give the Odin-Force to Thor in order to defeat Mjolnir. Considering the Mjolnir was made using the Odin-Force it comes in handy and Thor is able to defeat it by getting an interesting update in his powers. But by the end, we see that Thor was left with the Mjolnir left to pieces and thus he didn’t have his signature weapon. Later he is given the same hammer, “glued” together from the pieces with Asgardian technology. Thor realizes that “There is no magic in it“, but he still gets to keep the iconic weapon.


The Mistake With Mjolnir

Bringing back Mjolnir is a mistake that Marvel has made multiple times before too. Thor requires his hammer just like the other characters are associated with certain aspects of their persona. Captain America has his shield and Iron Man has his armor. But it seems that Marvel doesn’t really want to change the design of this weapon. There have been cases where the weapon was changed before but Marvel doesn’t really seem to be considering it as a possibility. Over the years, various other characters have had interesting updates to their features. For example, Iron Man has had a variety of different-looking suits and it actually works with his arc.


Mistake with Mjolnir

It feels that Marvel is excited to take a chance but doesn’t feel confident to go through with it. The Marvel Cinematic Universe made an interesting update when Thor ended up wielding the Stormbreaker even though Mjolnir did play a major role in the final battle. There is a lot to be learned here as the change signifies an interesting development in the arc of the character. While Marvel might not clear why it doesn’t want this change, we are quite sure that it would be a cool update to the character and his persona.


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